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LibreOffice Impress is the presentation component of the LibreOffice Suite. It is the equivalent of Microsoft Powerpoint in Microsoft Suite and has a number of unique features, including a system which automatically defines series of graphs, based on information available to the user . It is a free and open source software so it can be copied, re-used and distributed free of cost.

Exclusively created for CDAC by the Spoken Tutorial Project, IIT Bombay


Basic Level

  1. Introduction to LibreOffice Impress
    • Basic Features
    • Toolbars
    • Save in MS Office and other formats
    • PDF Export open MS Office Documents
  2. Creating a presentation document and basic formatting
    • Inserting Slides
    • Copying Slides
    • Using Tabs
    • Font size and Color, Bold
  3. Viewing a Presentation Document
    • Views options – Normal, Outline, Master Layout
    • Uses of different view options
  4. Inserting Pictures and Other Objects in a Document
    • Insert Pictures/Hyperlinks (Within/Across Documents, from Web)
    • Creating Tables
    • Format the Pictures and Objects
  5. Printing a Presentation Document
    • Printing slides and Handouts Different Options, when used

Intermediate Level

  1. Slide Master, Slide Design
    • Creating Background for Slides
    • Different Slide Templates (Layouts)
  2. Custom Animation
    • Manipulate Appearance of Lines in a Slide
  3. Slide Creation
    • Slide Show
    • Slide Transition
    • Automatic Show (with Preset Timings)

Advanced Level

  1. Presentation Notes
    • Use of Notes
    • Printing of Notes

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