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GNUKhata Slide Template (TEX Format)                                                                                                                              
                                         (PPT Format)

GNUKhata is a free and open source accounting software for small organisations and large enterprises.

    • It is lightweight and scales up with large volumes of data
    • It is robust and can be used on a wide variety of data categories
    • It is modular, thus facilitating addition of extensions for different tasks
    • The user interface is designed to be intuitive and friendly even for beginners
    • The reports are displayed on browser and can be printed or saved to PDF
    • The soon to be released web application will run through a web browser. for details refer web based GNUKhata page
    • Deployers will find the implementation easy to achieve.
    • GNUKhata is a free software, sometimes referred to as free and open source software or FOSS

visit for more details.

GNUKhata Basics

This section will include,

  1. Introduction to GNUKhata
    • GNUKhata - A FOSS replacement for the other Accounting Software
    • Why GNUKhata?
    • Quick demo of all the features in GNUKhata
    • Master menu
    • Adding Accounts
    • Creating Transactions
    • Viewing Reports
    • Downloading GNUKhata
    • Installing GNUKhata
    • Running GNUKhata
  2. Deploying and Basic Housekeeping
    • Four features while creating a New Organisation
    • Create Organisation
    • Add Organisation Details
    • Set Preferences
    • Group Name
    • Sub-group Name
    • Opening Balance
    • Total Debit/Credit Opening Balance
    • Add Accounts
    • Login into GNUKhata
  3. More On Account Management
    • Details in managing accounts
    • Adding accounts Witout subgrous
    • creating new sub groups


Accounting is all about recording transactions, crediting and debiting amounts.

This section will guide you through this most important activity in GNUKhata.
Topics included are -

  1. Entering Contra and journal transaction in GNUKhata
    • Login into existing organisation
    • Creating account from Master menu
    • Creating account while entering transaction
    • Transaction Menu
    • What is Contra entry
    • What is Journal entry
    • Voucher Number
    • Recording Contra entry
    • Recording Journal entry
    • Entering narration
  2. payment and Receipt transaction in gnukhata
    • Payment Voucher
    • Receipt Voucher
  3. Sales and purchase transaction in gnukhata
    • Sales Voucher
    • Purchase Voucher
  4. Entering a sales Return and Purchase Return transaction in gnukhata
    • Sales Return
    • Purchase Return
  5. Debit and Credit transaction in gnukhata
    • Debit Note
    • Credit Note
  6. Inventory Transactions
    • Purchase Voucher
    • Sales Voucher
    • Purchase Return
    • Sales Return
  7. Editing and Cloning voucher
    • Editing a voucher
    • Making similar or repetitive task.
  8. Making Voucher Templates
    • Making voucher templates.

Final Books of Accounts

This is the most advanced part of GNUKhata and is generally meant for the domain experts.
Topics include

  1. Ledger and trial Balance
    • A Trial Balance is a list of balances of all accounts, divided in to Debit Balances and Credit Balances.
    • This tutorial will show you how ledger accounts are generated from GNUKhata.
    • The ledger accounts are directly created as a spreadsheet.
    • This helps the user to carry the spreadsheet to a different machine and open it where GNUKhata is not running.
  2. Profit and Loss Account
    • Profit and Loss Account shows the incomes and expenses and the net result of the same. Income and Expenditure is used by non-profit making organisations.
  3. Bank Reconciliation
    • Explanation of how to prepare Bank Reconciliation Statement.
  4. Balance sheet
    • A Balance Sheet is statement of all assets and liabilities of an organizarion. Assets are shown on one side and the liabilities on the other.

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