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Visual Cue Narration
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Hello everyone.

Welcome to this tutorial on Privileges of an Anonymous User on Spoken Tutorial website.

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Learning Objectives

In this tutorial, we will learn what all an Anonymous User can access under-
  • Software Training
  • Creation Process
  • News
  • Forums
  • About Us and
  • Statistics

tabs on the Spoken Tutorial web site.

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To access the Spoken Tutorial website, you should have-
  • A working Internet connection
  • And a web browser installed on your machine

I will be using the latest version of Firefox web browser for demonstration.

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Anonymous User

Who is an Anonymous User?
  • Anonymous User is one who explores our website without logging in
Open browser

type in the address bar

press Enter.

Let us first open the Spoken Tutorial website.

In your web-browser address bar, type and press Enter.

The Spoken Tutorial website opens.

You can see the Main Menu here with few tabs.

Click on Software Training tab. For details on organized SELF workshops, click on the Software Training tab.
Highlights the sub-points of Software Training. Under Software Training we will see four sections.
  • Software Training
  • Procedures
  • Training/ Workshop
  • Online test

Highlight the points. Let's see them, one by one.

Under Software Training section, we see 4 links-

  • About the training/workshops gives details about organising workshops.
  • Progress to date gives details of the no. of workshops conducted by the Project, till date.
  • Software offered lists the courses offered for workshops and online self-learning.
  • Contacts for training/ workshops lists state-wise Training Manger's contact details.

Click on the respective links & read more details on each of them.

Point to Procedures link. Next section is Procedures.
Highlight the links. Under Procedures section, we will see links for-
  • Organising Training/Workshop and
  • Instruction for Downloading Tutorials

To know more, click on the respective links & explore.

Point to Create your own disc image.

Next link is Create your own disc image.

This facility is for offline learning. Let us look at it in detail.

Click on Create your own disc image. Click on it.
It will redirect you to CD Content Creation window.
Select FOSS Category >> Firefox Select the FOSS Category that you wish to learn.

I will choose, Firefox.

Select Level >> All Select an appropriate Level as per your learning need.

I will choose All.

Click on Languages list box. Click on Languages list box.

Now, choose the language in which you wish to learn.

Hold the Ctrl key and select English & Hindi. You can select single/ multiple languages.

Hold the Ctrl key to select multiple languages.

Let me select English and Hindi.

Click on Add selected FOSS button. Click on Add selected FOSS button.
Point to Selected FOSS List. On the right side, you will get a table with your selection, along with the estimated file size.
Select FOSS Category >> Tux Typing >>Select Level >> All If you wish to add more FOSS, repeat the above steps.

The new selection will also be added to the list.

Click on Create ZIP file button. Now click on Create ZIP file button to download the content on your machine.

It will create .zip file.

Click on OK. Click on OK to save this zip file on your machine.
Demo as per narration. Once downloaded, unzip it.

Open the folder, locate the Read me file and read it for instructions on how to proceed.

So in this way, you can learn the content offline.


Click on Software Training tab Let's click on Software Training tab once again.
Point to Training / Workshop link. Next section of Software Training is Training / Workshop.
Highlight the points. In this section, you will see links for-
  • Training/Workshop Dashboard
  • Participant Dashboard
To access these links, you have to register on our website.

Details of these, are presented in the About the Training/Workshop link, seen earlier.

Click on Resource Centers link Next link is Resource Centers.

Click on it to see the complete list of our Resource Centers.

Select State. Select the filters for State, Institution Type and Institution Category.

For demonstration, from the State drop-down, I will select Bihar.

Select Institution type.

Select Institution Category.

From Institution Type, I will select University.
Click on Filter. Lastly, click on Filter button.
Highlight the points. The displayed list shows the State, Institution Name, Address and name of the Contact Person.
Click on View link. To know more about a particular Resource Center, click on View link, under the Action column.

You will get complete information about that particular Academic Center.


Click on the logo. Let's come back to the Homepage by clicking on the logo.
Click on Creation link. Now let's learn about Creation process of spoken tutorials.

Click on Creation tab in the Main menu.

Highlight the points. Under this, we see following links-
  • Creation Process
  • Outline and Script
  • Creation Dashboard
  • Suggest a topic
  • Suggest an example
  • Collaborate with us
Click on Creation Process link. Let's learn about Creation Process of spoken tutorials.

So, click on Creation Process link.

Highlight the subpoints. A Wiki Page with details of the Spoken Tutorial Creation Process opens up.

Here you can learn the procedures to create spoken tutorials.

Go back to previous window.

Click on Outline and Script link.

Let us go back to the Spoken Tutorial homepage.

Under Creation drop-down, click on Outline and Script.

Point to the links. A wiki page opens and it contains lots of information.
Point to Software with substantial progress scroll down the page Under Software with substantial progress, you can see various software courses listed.
Click on Geogebra point to the softwrae details and then scroll to the topic details below. Let's click on any one, say Geogebra.

Details of Geogebra software and details of the Geogebra course are listed on this page.

So, one can get a bird's eye-view of the entire course on this page.

Press back and come back to the main wiki-page Explore the other software course links on this page, likewise.


Go back to home-page. Go back to the Spoken Tutorial homepage.
Highlight the points. The other links under Creation drop-down, namely
  • Creation Dashboard
  • Suggest a Topic
  • Suggest an Example
  • Collaborate with Us

require a registered login.

Click on News tab. Now let's click on News drop-down.
Highlight the links. You will see the following sub-menu items-
  • Testimonials
  • Media Articles
  • News and Events
  • Official Letters and links
  • Research/ Popular articles
Click on the respective links & read for more details.
Click on Forum tab. Now let's move to Forums tab on the Main menu.

The same is available in the middle of the Homepage, as well.

Scroll down. Here it is.
Click on “Click here to proceed” link. Click on the link “Click here to proceed”.

Spoken tutorial forums page opens in a new tab.

Highlight the links. In the Main menu, you will see links for Search, Ask Question, Login.
Below this, is a scrolling bar, displaying various software names.
Point to any software and Ask new question button

Point to View previous questions button.

Under the specific software name, you will see a button Ask new question.

In some cases, you will see another button View previous questions.

Click on these buttons to ask a new question or view the earlier ones.
Point to View all previous questions button. To view all the previous questions on all the courses, click on the View all previous questions button.
All the recently posted questions are visible right below this button.


Click on Search link. In the Main menu, click on Search link.
Point to both tabs. Here you can search through the questions based on
  • Search by keyword or
  • Search by time.
Type php.

Click on Search button.

Let me search by keyword.

I will type php as the keyword and click on Search button.

Point to list of questions. A list of all the questions asked in the php series is displayed.
Click on magnifying glass of FOSS column. For similar type of questions on the selected FOSS category, click on the magnifying glass.

You will get a list of similar type of questions for that FOSS.

Click on magnifying glass of Tutorial column. To get similar questions in the tutorial, click on the magnifying glass in the Tutorial column.
Go back to previous window.

Click on Search by Time tab.

Next, let’s try searching by video time.

Click the Search by Time tab.

Select FOSS category = Oscad, Tutorial=Schematic, Time interval(min and sec) 0-1m 0-1sec Select the appropriate
  • FOSS category
  • Tutorial
  • Time interval in mins and secs

from drop-down list.

Click on Search button. Click on the Search button.

You will get the list of all questions related to that particular tutorial.

Click on Ask Question link. Ask Question facility is available only to registered users.
Click on About tab. Now go back to the Spoken Tutorial website.

Let's click on About drop-down.

click on About Us. Then, click on About Us.

Here you can read details about the overall objectives of the Spoken Tutorial Project.

Click on About tab.

Click on Mission link.

Click on About again and then click on Mission.

Here you can read about the mission of the Spoken Tutorial Project.

Click on Statistics tab.

Highlight the points.

Lastly, we come to the Statistics tab.

It has the links for

  • Workshop/Training
  • Online-Test
  • Academic Center
  • India map
  • Motion Charts
Click on Workshop/Training link. Each link has a Statistics and interactive motion chart based on filters like State, City, FOSS,etc.

Please explore these yourself.

So, this is what an anonymous user can do.

Hope you will enjoy exploring the Spoken Tutorial web site.

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Let us summaries.

In this tutorial, we have learnt about the privileges of an anonymous user on the Spoken Tutorial website.

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About Spoken Tutorial Project

This video summarizes the Spoken Tutorial Project.

If you do not have good bandwidth, you can download and watch it.

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About Spoken Tutorial workshops

The Spoken Tutorial Project Team conducts workshops and gives certificates.

For details, please write to us.

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Spoken Tutorial Project is funded by NMEICT, MHRD, Government of India.

More information on this Mission is available at the link shown.

Previous slide This is Kavita Kharad from IIT Bombay signing off.

Thank you for joining.

Contributors and Content Editors

Kkkavita, Nancyvarkey