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Visual Cue Narration
Slide 1:

Spoken Tutorial Forums

Welcome to the Spoken Tutorial that explains how to use Forums.
Slide 2:

Learning Objectives

In this tutorial we will learn to
  • Register on the Spoken Tutorial website
  • View forum questions
  • Post a new question in forums
  • Answer a question in forums and
  • Search via keyword or video time
Slide 3:

System requirement

This tutorial is recorded on
  • Ubuntu Linux 16.04 operating system
  • Firefox web browser

You can use any OS or web browser of your choice.

Slide 4:

Spoken Tutorial Forums

  • Spoken Tutorial Forums are used to post questions on a particular portion of a specific tutorial.
  • Any registered learner can ask doubts related to a particular FOSS course
  • Offline learners can refer to the Forum questions and answers to clear their doubts
Open Firefox web browser.

Type spoken-tutorial.org

I’ll open Firefox web browser and type spoken-tutorial.org
Show the web page The Homepage of Spoken Tutorial website opens.
Click on Forums On the menu bar, locate Forums and click on it.
Spoken Tutorial Forums webpage.

We are redirected to the Spoken Tutorial Forums webpage.
Point to the slider bar On the top part of the page is a slider, which displays all the software series in graphic form.
Point to blue button named “View all previous questions Just below the slider, is a prominent blue button named “View all previous questions”.
Point to Total questions and Total answers On the right of this button, we can see the total number of questions posted so far.

And the total number of answers posted till date.

Point to Recent questions Below this is the Recent questions section.

Here we can view the 10 most recently posted questions, arranged in chronological order.

Point to the 3 links At the top-right corner, we can see Search, Ask Question and Login links.

We will learn about these later in this tutorial.

Click on View all previous questions button Now, let’s click on View all previous questions button.

Immediately, we can view all the questions that have been posted in Forums, till date.

The entire sorting is in alphabetical order of FOSS name.

All questions with FOSS name starting with “A”, is displayed first.

So, we see Advanced C questions followed by Advanced C++ and so on.

Point to Showing 1-20 of 956 questions text above the displayed list 20 questions are displayed at a time on the page.
Highlight the page selector at the bottom To see more questions, we can use the page selector at the bottom of the list.
Point to the Login link at the top right. Please note.

We are viewing these questions without any login.

Click on any question in the displayed list. To view the corresponding answers, simply click on the Title of the question, like this.
Cursor on the page. Now we can see all the answers posted by various users for this particular question.
Click the back button of the browser Click the back button of the browser to come back to the previous page.
Point to the column headers Note the various column headers.

These are clickable.

Click on Tutorial, Question and User column heads one by one Now, let’s click on Tutorial and Title column heads, to see what happens.

Each time we see that the sorting changes to alphabetical order of that column.

click on Min, Date, View and Answers columns heads one by one Now let’s click on Min, Date, View and Answers columns.

The sorting changes to ascending or descending order of that particular column.

Point to Answers column We can see how many answers have been given for a particular question, in the Answers column.
Point to Views Views column specifies the number of views that a particular question has received.
Point to User User column displays the username who posted the question.
In the FOSS column >> click on the magnifying glass icon next to Moodle-Learning Management system In the FOSS column, click on the magnifying glass icon

next to the FOSS name.

For example, I’ll click on the magnifying glass next to Moodle-Learning Management system.

Point to the list It shows a list of all the tutorial names on which questions were posted, in alphabetical order.
Point to the magnifying glass icon next to and tutorial name Now, click on the magnifying glass icon next to any tutorial name.
Click on Admin Dashboard I’ll click on Admin Dashboard.
Point to the list All the questions posted for the tutorial Admin Dashboard are displayed.

The order of display is in ascending order of minutes and seconds.

This helps us to check all the questions that are posted under a particular FOSS and tutorial.

Click on any question Now click on any question to read the full question and the answers posted.
Click on the name of the tutorial button below the question. To return back to the question list of that particular tutorial, click on the name of the tutorial.
Come back to the previous page Let me go back to the same page once again.
Click on the name of the FOSS name below the question To return back to the question list of that particular FOSS, click on the name of the FOSS.
Click on the logo and the text Spoken Tutorial Forums at the top left Let us go to the Homepage of Forums.

To do so, click on the logo and the text Spoken Tutorial Forums, at the top left.

Point to the Search link at the top right Next we will see how to use the Search feature on Forums.
Click on the Search link Click on the Search link at the top right of the page.
In the Search by Keyword tab >> textbox >> type Arduino >> click on Search button In the Search by Keyword tab, we see a textbox with a hint to type a FOSS name.

I’ll type Arduino and click on the Search button.

Point to the list All the forum questions that contain the word Arduino get displayed.
Click on the Search by Time tab Next, click on the Search by Time tab.
Point to each dropdown 4 drop-down menus are displayed on the page.
In Select Category dropdown >> select Scilab In Select Category dropdown, we have to choose the FOSS.

I will select Scilab.

In Select Tutorial dropdown >> select “XCOS Introduction In Select Tutorial dropdown, choose the tutorial.

I will select “XCOS Introduction”

Select minute and seconds range Then select the minutes and seconds range in the respective dropdown menus.
Click on Search button

Point to the results

And click on the Search button.

If the selected minute and second has any questions, then they will be displayed.

This is how we can view questions and answers on Forums.
Slide 5:

Post a new question

What should we do if we want to post a new question?

First of all, we have to be a registered user in Spoken Tutorial website to post a question.

Point to and click the Login link Click on the Login link at the top right of the page.
Point to the username and password on the left side of the screen If you are a registered user, type the username and password and click on the Login button.
Point to the Register form on the right side If you are not a registered user, please read the information given under Rules and Regulations.

Then click on the Register button.

Enter sample data Register Yourself window appears.

Type in all the details as requested in the form.

Point to Register Me button And then click on the Register Me button at the bottom right of the window.
Show the mail You will get a notification email in your registered email id.
Show the link and click on the link Locate this mail in your Inbox, Spam or Junk folders.

Move it to your Inbox and click on the link given in this mail, to activate your account.

This is a self-authentication process.

Back to the Forums homepage >> login with correct username and password Now, let’s come back to the Forums homepage.

And login with our registered username and password.

Next, we will see how to post a question.
Click on the Ask Question link Click on Ask Question link at the top right of the page.
Click on Select a Category

Select Moodle Learning Management system.

Click on Select a Category dropdown.

Select the Foss in which you want to ask the question.

I’ll select Moodle-Learning Management system.

Click on Select a Tutorial. Next dropdown is to select which particular tutorial you want to post a question on.
select Users in Moodle. So, I’ll click on Select a Tutorial dropdown and select Users in Moodle.
Point to min and secs drop down box

Demo for 6-7 mins and 20-30 secs.

Next select the minute range at which we have a doubt in that tutorial.

We can also specify the exact seconds range from the tutorial.

For example, while watching the tutorial, I have a doubt in between 6-7 min and 20-30 secs.

Point to Title

Type ‘How to create CSV file?’

Next, type a proper title for the question.

This will help other users to search for the same kind of related questions.

I’ll type ‘Create CSV file’ in the title textbox.

What are the steps that need to be followed to create a CSV file? Question text part:

I’ll type the question as shown here.

Click on Submit Question button Then click on Submit Question button.
Point to the question that has been posted Immediately, the question is posted on the Forums page.
Next we will see how to answer a question.
Slide 6:

Answer a question

Domain experts, Spoken Tutorial team members or anyone who knows the answer can reply.

But one has to give relevant answers and use a friendly tone.

Also, avoid posting any obscene, hateful or nasty comment.

The questions and answers posted on Forums are moderated at regular intervals.

Any of the above mentioned content will be purged.

Login as Nirmala Venkat Now I’ll login as another registered user Nirmala Venkat and post an answer to this question.
Click on the Question link In the Question column, I’ll click on the question title ‘Create CSV file’.
Point to the Answer editor window.

Copy/Paste the below text:

“Please go through the Additional reading material link which is located below the video “users in moodle”

Follow the instructions to create a CSV file”

It will open a new webpage.

In the Answer textbox, I can type the answer.

I’ll type as shown.

Click on Submit Answer button. Then click on the Submit Answer button.
So, this is how we can post questions and answers on Spoken Tutorial Forums.
Slide 7: Forum questions and answers are displayed on the Video Player page of each tutorial.

This applies to online as well as offline content.

Let us summarize.
Slide 8:


In this tutorial we learnt to
  • Register on the Spoken Tutorial website
  • View the forum questions
  • Post a question in forums
  • Answer a question in forums and
  • Use the Search feature of forums
Slide 9:

Points to remember:

  • Login is not required to view the questions that are posted in Forums
  • To post a question and to answer a question, login is mandatory
  • Don’t post irrelevant questions in the forums
  • Make use of the Forum discussion as instructional reading material
Slide 10:

(About Spoken Tutorial Project)

The video at the following link, summarizes the Spoken Tutorial project.

Please download and watch it.

Slide 11:

(About Spoken Tutorial Project)

The Spoken Tutorial Project Team conducts workshops and gives certificates.

For more details, please write to us.

Slide 12:


Spoken Tutorial Project is funded by NMEICT, MHRD, Government of India.
This script has been contributed by Nancy and Nirmala Venkat.

And this is Nancy Varkey along with the Spoken Tutorial team signing off.

Thanks for joining.

Contributors and Content Editors

Nirmala Venkat