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00:04 The problem has we discussed earlier with open source software is people don't know how to use good documents on machine
00:14 So I am going to explain one solution that we came up with called Spoken Tutorial.
00:22 So lets start with Spoken Tutorial.
00:25 What is a Spoken Tutorial? Its a 10 minute long, audio video tutorial.
00:30 On open source software. To help improve employment potential.
00:39 One of the nicest features of Spoken Tutorial that it is created for self learning.
00:45 Anybody can learn on their own even those who don't have teachers, good teachers.
00:52 If you are motivated you can learn by yourself and the audio is dubbed into all 22 languages.
01:01 I am going to show that and it also has offline version, which increase our reach 100 times.
01:09 And this is released as open source. You can download all our spoken tutorial from our website absolutely free of cost.
01:18 Where is that website I will show you shortly.
01:22 25 Scilab Spoken Tutorials are available here. Let me click this.
01:28 Here it is.
01:32 So here are Spoken tutorials on English. So you can open any of them.
01:40 For example you can open Vector Operations. You can click this and play.
01:53 So let me go back.
01:57 You can also choose other languages. For example instead of English, suppose you choose Hindi.
02:09 Let me open the same thing. Lets open Vector operations again.
02:18 If I play now, the video will be in English but the audio will be in Hindi and we do this in all 22 languages as I told you earlier.
02:42 Let me open Tamil. Let me play Matrix operations.
03:02 Let me play the play button, Let me press the play button.
03:07 Now it comes in Tamil.
03:12 So I will encourage you to go through this. Try out the Spoken Tutorials.
03:25 Keep the video and the scilab software side by side as I show you now.
03:38 Open Scilab here. Now we can see that video is one side, software is in the other side.
03:46 You listen to the video and tried it out, listen to one command at a time.
03:52 If it works go to the next command, If it doesn't work rewind, listen to it and tried it again it will always work because spoken tutorials are guarantee to be use by self learners.
04:11 This method is called Side-by-Side learning. You open the video on one side, You open the software other side and listen to one command at a time and practice until the video is completed.
04:27 Notice that there is no need to login. For example if you come to my website it says Login that is because I have not logged in.
04:39 So why do we have “Login”, so this is for Creators, this is for people who want to answer in the forum, who want to ask questions in the forum and so on.
04:48 Some of these things I will show later, but if you just want to listen to Spoken Tutorials you don't even have to login.
04:57 Has I told you it is created for self learning. We dubbed this in all our 22 languages.
05:05 For example its also available in Sanskrit, Sanskrit is one of our 22 languages, I would encourage you to try the Sanskrtit dubbing and see how Sanskrit dubbed tutorial sound.
05:20 Many universities use Spoken Tutorials as MOOCs
05:25 MOOCs ofcourse you know stands for Massive Open Online Course.
05:33 You can see a list of universities that use Spoken Tutorials as MOOCs
05:39 I have a list here. If I click this it takes me to the Spoken Tutorial website.
05:47 You can also access this by clicking, coming to our website here Spoken Tutorial website – Academics – MOOCs acceptance. That's what I click to get this.
06:00 Now you can see various universities is doing it. At the end of it there is a second page.
06:09 We go here second page and I want to go to this University. This is the first university, one of the largest university to accept Scilab as MOOCs.
06:24 Let me click this. This university has about two hundred colleges affiliated to it.
06:33 So let me click this, we make this slightly smaller so you can see the webpage clearly.
06:40 Ok. Spoken Tutorial as MOOCs in ECE Department. So lets see the attachment and lets search for Scilab.
06:58 Lets search for Spoken Tutorial.
07:05 So here it is, It says Spoken Tutorial. They have give our website and they say that “The following observation are made in respect of the Practical Paper”.
07:20 And they say that is is part of the Design Lab course.
07:25 Let me come back here.
07:29 The Spoken Tutorial team provides certificates based on an online test.
07:35 It is made available at a very affordable prices.
07:42 The cost of the certificate can be as low as 20 25 Rupees for a college that uses this resource extensively.
07:53 Its a fix cost per college per year irrespective of the number of student it has.
08:00 So I would encourage you to try this out.


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