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|| Image 1 (Collage)
|| Image 1  
Teacher is  beating the student.
Teacher is  beating the student.
Image 2 (Collage)
Image 2 (Collage) CP incidents.
|| Very often, incidents of corporal punishment are being reported in the media.
|| Very often, incidents of corporal punishment are being reported in the media.

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Welcome to this tutorial on “Consequences of Corporal Punishment”
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Learning objectives slide

In this tutorial we will discuss,
  • Some case studies involving corporal punishment.
  • Consequences of corporal punishment
  • Impact of corporal punishment on learning abilities.
Image 1

Teacher is beating the student.

Image 2 (Collage) CP incidents.

Very often, incidents of corporal punishment are being reported in the media.

Let us go through some case studies.

These cases highlight the consequences of corporal punishment.

Image 3

Teacher and Nithya are standing in front of the blackboard.

Nithya is a class 8th student in a secondary school.

One day her Mathematics teacher asked her to solve a problem on the board.

Image 4

Depressed girl standing in front of the class

Nithya was unable to solve it.

As a punishment, teacher made her stand facing the class for the entire period.

The teacher humiliated her in front of the whole class.

Image 5

All other students laughing at Nithya.

All the other students made fun of her.She felt ashamed.
Image 6

Nithya is sitting very gloomy.

Show other children playing outside the home.

In the evening, after school hours she reached home.

She did not go to play with the other children.

Image 7

Nithya is sitting alone in a corner of the room.

She did not interact much with other family members.

She did not want to play with her friends and wanted to be left alone.

Image 8

Nithya and parents

She was always sad and did not show much interest in other activities.

Her parents noticed the change in her behaviour.

Image 9

Nithya is talking with her parents.

They asked the reason behind her silence.

But Nithya was not ready to speak out.

Her parents were worried.

Image9 Nitya’s parents met the class teacher the next day.

They spoke about Nitya’s social withdrawal and depression.

The class teacher also expressed her concern about Nitya.

Image 10 The class teacher also noticed a change in Nitya.
Image 11

Image of Nithya in the morning assembly( Singing prayer in the assembly)

Nithya was very good at singing .

She used to participate in singing in the morning assembly.

But since the incident she had not participated in the morning assembly.

Image 12

Nithya is sitting alone.

She has also stopped interacting with her classmates.
Image 13

Nithya and Class teacher are sitting together.

The class teacher called Nithya after school hours.

Nitya confides to the teacher about the incident in the mathematics period.

She talks to the teacher about the fear of judgemental behavior of her friends.

The teacher then decides to encourage Nithya to come out of depression.

Image 14

Teacher is standing in the class.

Next day the class teacher conducts a small cultural event in the class.

Teacher asks Nithya to come in front and sing a song.

Image 15

Nithya sits in the last bench

Nithya was hesitant, she was not ready to face the class again.

The teacher asked her friends to encourage her.

She was hesitant in the beginning.

Later encouraged by the teacher she was willing to sing in the class.

Image 16

Nithya is singing

Nitya’s performance was appreciated by all.

All students and teachers clapped for her.

Image 17

Nithya with happy face.

She felt happy and this gave her confidence to interact with her classmates again.
Image 18

Class teacher and Maths teacher are talking.

Later in the day the class teacher discussed Nithya’s case with Mathematics teacher.

Class teacher says "Children are sensitive, such punishment can lead to social withdrawal".

Image 19 Maths teacher says,

"I did it because I thought it would make her focus on her studies".

Image 20

Class teacher and Maths teacher are talking.

Class teacher says,

"This form of punishment should never be given to students".

"Students can be made to improve by motivation and rewards".

Image 21

Image of the Maths teacher.

The teacher then provides positive some methods for the situation.
Image 22 The teacher could have asked other students to help Nitya solve the problem.

As a team they would have helped each other to find a solution.

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Consequences of CP

Listed here are some of the consequences of CP.

  • These punishments can have a lifelong negative impact on a child.
  • The experience can lower their self-esteem.
  • Social withdrawal of the child from the surroundings.

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Consequences of CP

* It encourages violence and aggressive behaviour.
  • It creates a strain in the relationship between the teacher and the student.
  • Increases anxiety, depression and suicidal tendencies.
Image 23

Krishna is writing an exam.

Let us discuss another case study.

Krishna was an obedient student in the class.

He came well prepared for his examination.

He was writing the exam attentively.

Image 24

Teacher pointing Krishna.

The teacher invigilator came up to him and suspected him of cheating.
Image 25

Krishna stand up and talking to teacher.

Krishna politely stood up and refuted the

teacher's allegations. But the teacher was adamant.

Image 26

a)Teacher and humiliated Krishna

The teacher searched Krishna’s pockets.Krishna felt embarrassed.

Image 27

Teacher takes krishna to Principal’s room.( Humiliated Krishna standing in Principal’s room)

The teacher did not allow Krishna to finish the exam.

The teacher complained of misconduct and cheating against him.

Image 28

Krishna is discussing with his close friends.

Krishna discussed the issue with his friends.

As a revenge they planned and decided to damage school property.

Image 29

Image of Krishna and his friends.

After school hours, Krishna and his friends stayed back in the school.

They tore up all the charts and posters kept in the class.

Image 30

They also damaged the furniture in the class.
Image 31

School authorities came to know about the incident.

Krishna was asked to meet the school counsellor.

Image 32

Krishna and counsellor.

Krishna told about the incident that happened in the exam hall.

Image 33

Krishna and (Counsellor .(Krishna talking)

He says “Teacher did not believe me. I have not done anything wrong”

Krishna and counsellor.

(Counselor talking)

Counsellor says

"You could have approached any teacher who supports you".

"Destroying school property is not an acceptable thing".

"Don’t run away from the challenge. Instead, you should find a solution".

Krishna realises his mistakes.

He promised that he will not repeat the bad behaviour again.

Image 34

Krishana and his friends.

Here Krishna destroyed theproperty as a way of coping with the situation.

He was unable to manage his frustrations and extreme feelings.

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Facts about CP Incidents

Some noticeable facts in above incident of corporal punishment.

The student exhibited violence because of the aggressive behavior of a teacher.

Other students, witness to this incident can also develop negative emotions.

Slide 6

Facts about CP Incidents

In Krihna’s case, the teacher should have believed him.

Teacher could have accepted that she was mistaken.

Teacher could have asked other teachers to deal with the situation.

Image 35

Krishan is standing very gloomy

This small step would have saved Krishna from embarrassment.

Apart from psychological issues, punishment affects learning ability.

Slide 7

Impact of CP on Learning

Impact of CP on Learning

Corporal punishment leads to,

  • Poor academic performance.
  • Negative attitude towards learning.
  • Hatred towards a subject.
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Impact of CP on Learning

  • Poor attention span.
  • Increased drop-out rate.
  • School avoidance and school phobia.

Let us summarise,

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Summary slide

In this tutorial we have discussed ,
  • Some case studies involving corporal punishment.
  • Consequences corporal punishment .
  • Impact of corporal punishment on learning abilities.
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