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You are here: Main Page >> Open office Welcome to online web tutorials for Open Office is a very poular open Office Software Suite which consists of a word processor, a spreadsheet, a presentation package, a drawing package, a databases package and maths equation editor. It is also known just as Open Office or Oop. It is a versatile package and it can be used for undertaking automation tasks of any typical office environment, where lots of documents are created, records kept, reports/publications generated, presentations made to reach out to clients. This package is particularly user friendly for creating technical reports which may involve mathematics equations graphics, flow charts and tables. It is Compatible with almost all popular operating systems such as Windows, Linux and Mac. It is presently distributed by Oracle who owns Sun Microsystem the initiator of open office suite through world wide community effort. It can be obtained freely from download sites, peer to peer networks, CD's and various linux distributions. To create these tutorials, we shall be using 3.2.1 version [[1]].These tutorials can be used by any one including office clerks, office secretaries, teachers, students, housewives, Business men, Lawyers and publishers, or any one interested in acquiring the skill to word process different kinds of documents.It is available in many languages and uses International Open Standard Formats. It is easy to learn and use with great help features. It is known for its consistency and has been in use for the last twenty years.

Spoken Tutorials on Open office are contributed by Prof. P.K. Ahluwalia, Ms. Kanika Dogra, Mr. Shubhendu Bhardwaj, Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla.



Basic Level

Open Office Suite

This Part of the tutorials will help you get a familiarity with Open Office Suite and its basic components, downloading and installation of latest version and the filetypes with which you are going to deal with while working in open office environment.

Open Office Suite: Introduction

  • What is an Office Suite?
  • Free and Open Source Softwares
  • Various Office Suites Available in the market
  • Why Open Office?
  • Elements of a Typical Office Suite
  • About Suite: A Brief History
  • Elements of OpenOffice
  • About Writer: Word Processor
  • About Calc: Spreadsheet
  • About Impress: Presentation
  • About Draw: Drawing and Graphics
  • About Base: Database
  • About Math: Working with Formulae
  • How to get OpenOffice

OpenOffice Downloading and Installation

OpenOffice: File types supported by openOffice

Word Processor: Writer

OpenOffice word processor Writer-I: Parts of Writer Window

Open office word processor Writer-II: Creating a Document with Writer

Open office word processor Writer-III: Formatting a document

OpenOffice word processor Writer-IV: Mouse operations, Key Board operations, Combination Keys

OpenOffice word processor Writer-V: Tool Bars

OpenOffice word processor Writer -VI: Editing a text document

OpenOffice word processor Writer-VII: Creating Tables

OpenOffice word processor Writer-VIII: Creating Drawings with Drawing Tools

OpenOffice word processor Writer-IX: Inserting objects (images, files, spreadsheets)

OpenOffice word processor Writer -X: Document Wizards

OpenOffice word processor Writer-XI: Printing Documents

Spreadsheets: Calc

Spreadsheets: An Introduction

OpenOffice Spreadsheet Calc: Parts of Calc Window

OpenOffice Spreadsheet Calc: Creating and working with a Spreadsheet

OpenOffice Spreadsheet Calc: Keyboard Shortcuts

OpenOffice Spreadsheet Calc: Entering Editing and Formatting Data

OpenOffice Spreadsheet Calc: Creating charts and graphs

OpenOffice Spreadsheet Calc: Using images and drawings in Spreadsheets

OpenOffice Spreadsheet Calc: Printing Exporting and e-mailing

Maths Equation Editor: Math

Presentations: Impress

Drawings: Draw

Databases: Base

Intermediate Level

Word Processor: Writer

OpenOffice word processor Writer-XII: Inserting and editing Maths Formulae

OpenOffice word processor Writer-XIII: Creating Templates

Open office word processor Writer Tools-I: Grammar and Spell check

Spreadsheets: Calc

OpenOffice Spreadsheet Calc: Protecting Spreadsheets

OpenOffice Spreadsheet Calc: Referencing in a spreadsheet

OpenOffice Spreadsheet Calc: Using Formulas and built functions I

OpenOffice Spreadsheet Calc: Using Formulas and built in functions II

OpenOffice Spreadsheet Calc: Using pivot tables (Datapilot)

OpenOffice Spreadsheet Calc: Analysing Data

OpenOffice Spreadsheet Calc: Multiple Sheets

Maths Equation Editor: Math

Presentations: Impress

Drawings: Draw

Databases: Base

Advanced Level

Word Processor: Writer

OpenOffice word processor Writer Tools-II: Mail Merge part-I

OpenOffice word processor Writer Tools-III: Mail Merge part-II

OpenOffice word processor Writer Tools-IV: Tracking Editing sessions

OpenOffice Word processor Writer Tools-V: Footnotes and Endnotes

OpenOffice Word Processor Writer: Exporting Documents

OpenOffice Word Processor: Creating bibliographies, reference tables and indexes

OpenOffice Word Processor: Styles Formatting

Spreadsheets: Calc

OpenOffice Spreadsheet Calc: Spreadsheets as Database-I

OpenOffice Spreadsheet Calc: Spreadsheets as Database-II

OpenOffice Spreadsheet Calc: Creating and Using Macros

OpenOffice Spreadsheet Calc: Using Styles and Templates in calc

Maths Equation Editor: Math

Presentations: Impress

Drawings: Draw

Databases: Base

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