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Time Narration
00:01 Welcome to the Spoken Tutorial on How to Receive Serials.
00:06 In this tutorial, we will learn: How to receive Serials,

Claim late Serials,

Check Serials expiration,

Renew Serials and

Search Serials.

00:23 To record this tutorial, I am using:Ubuntu Linux Operating System 16.04 and

Koha version 16.05

00:36 To follow this tutorial, you should have knowledge of Library Science.
00:41 To practice this tutorial, you should have Koha installed on your system.
00:47 And, you should also have Admin access in Koha.
00:51 Please refer to the Koha spoken tutorial series on this website for more details.
00:58 To receive Serials, let’s login to Koha as Superlibrarian Bella and her password.
01:06 On the homepage, click on Serials.
01:11 At the top of the new page, locate the field for Title.
01:17 Enter the first or any word from the title of the journal. For example, I will type Indian.
01:25 Click on Submit button at the right side of the field.
01:30 A new page Serials subscriptions opens.
01:34 This page shows the details for:

ISSN ,Title,Notes, Library, Location, Call number, Expiration date, Actions.

01:55 Click on the tab Actions at the extreme right side of the table.
02:00 From the drop-down, select Serial receive.
02:05 Another page Serial edition Indian Journal of Microbiology opens with the table.
02:12 In this table, under the section Status, click on the drop-down and select Arrived.
02:20 Next, click on the Save button at the bottom of the page.
02:25 Another page opens with the heading: Serial collection information for Indian Journal of Microbiology.

Here, we can see the Subscription summary.

02:37 In this way, we can receive Serials.
02:41 Now, let’s learn how to Claim late Serials.
02:46 Koha can send email messages to the Serials vendors if there are late issues.
02:53 For example:

Out of 4 Serials issues, the library has received only issue numbers 1, 2 and 4. And, issue no. 3 has not been received.

03:08 In such a case, a claim can be sent for issue no.3 that is still to be received.
03:15 To the left of the main Serials page, there is an option named 'Claims’.
03:21 Click on Claims.
03:24 A new page opens with a dialog box:

No claims notice defined. Please define one.

Click on Please define one.

03:35 A new page Notices and Slips opens.
03:39 Under Notices and Slips, locate the tab Select a library:.

From the drop- down, select your Library Name.

03:49 I will select Spoken Tutorial Library.
03:53 Under the tab Select a library:, click on the tab New notice.
04:00 A new page opens with the heading Add notice.
04:05 On the same page, for the section Library, Koha will, by default, choose the library name.
04:12 In my case, it will choose Spoken Tutorial Library.
04:17 For Koha module: from the drop-down, select Claim Serial issue.
04:24 Notice that as soon as Claim serial issue is selected from the drop down,

Koha auto-selects the field for Library as All libraries.

04:38 So, again go to the tab Library and from the drop- down select Spoken Tutorial Library.
04:47 Let’s move ahead.
04:49 In the field for Code, type: Claim.
04:53 In the field for Name, type: Unsupplied Issues.
04:59 Next, click on the section Email.
05:04 In the field for Message subject:, type: Unsupplied Issues.
05:11 Under the section Message body: type the email to the vendor.
05:17 In my case, the vendor is Mumbai Journal Supplier.
05:22 I have written a short email to my vendor. You may pause the video and write an email to your library’s vendor.
05:31 Next, if required you may fill in the details for Phone, Print and SMS. I will leave them blank.
05:43 Next, click on Submit button at the bottom of the page.
05:48 A new page Notices and Slips opens.
05:52 Under Notices and Slips, locate the tab Select a library.
05:58 Koha has auto-selected the Spoken Tutorial Library.
06:03 You may select your library from the drop-down as required.
06:08 On the same page, is a table with filled-in details under the following tabs:

Library, Module, Code, Name,Copy notice and Actions.

06:28 Next, go back to Koha homepage. To do so, go to extreme left corner and click on Home.
06:39 On the Koha homepage, click on Serials.
06:44 On the new page that opens, go to the left side and click on Claims.
06:51 On the new page, in the field for Vendor, select the required vendor from the drop-down.
06:58 As I have only one vendor for Journals, I will go ahead with the vendor- Mumbai Journal Supplier.
07:06 Next, click on OK at the right side of the field.
07:12 A new page with the title Missing issues opens.
07:17 On the new page, click on the check- box on the left side for Mumbai Journal Supplier.
07:25 You may click the check-box as per your vendor.
07:29 Next, click on Send notification button at the bottom of the page.
07:36 The same page re-opens and with this an email is sent to the vendor.
07:42 Note that the email is sent from Koha server to the respective vendor.
07:48 We will now learn about Check expiration.
07:52 Check expiration is used for checking when the subscriptions are about to expire.
07:59 On the same page, go to the left side and click on Check expiration.
08:06 Check expiration page opens.
08:10 Now, under the section for Filter results, go to Library: and from the drop-down, select Spoken Tutorial Library.

You may select your library here.

08:26 Next, mention the Expiring before.
08:30 This will fetch a complete list of all the Journals that would expire before that particular date.
08:38 For Expiring before:, I will enter 01/01/2019.
08:47 Now click on the Search button at the bottom of the page.
08:52 On the same page, a list of journals that are due to expire by 01/01/2019, appear in a tabular form.
09:04 We can also see the following details-

ISSN, ,Title, ,Library, , OPAC note, , Nonpublic note, , Expiration date and Actions.

09:23 Now, under the tab Actions, click on the button Renew.
09:29 A new window with the heading Subscription renewal for Indian Journal of Microbiology opens up.
09:37 On this page, enter the following:

For Start Date please enter the date as per your requirement.

I will enter 01/01/2018.

09:51 Next is Subscription length.
09:54 It is suggested to fill in one of the three fields, namely-

Number of num which means issues, Number of weeks and Number of months.

10:09 As my Journal is a quarterly publication, Koha by default has selected 4 as Number of num.
10:18 You may enter as per your requirement.
10:22 Leave the field Note for the librarian that will manage your renewal request as blank.
10:30 Next, click on the Submit button at the bottom of the page.
10:35 A window with the message Subscription renewed, appears.
10:40 To close this window, go to top left corner and click on the cross mark.
10:47 Again, another pop-up message appears:
10:51 To display this page, Firefox must send information that will repeat any action (such as a search or order confirmation) that was performed earlier.
11:03 Among the two options under this message-

Cancel and Resend,

click on Resend

11:11 We are brought to the page Check expiration.
11:15 Here, under the section for Filter results, select the- Expiring before as 01/12/2019.

Remember to only mention the Expiring date.

11:32 This will fetch a complete list of all the Journals that would expire before that particular date.
11:39 Now, click Search button at the bottom of the section Filter results.
11:45 On the same page, a list of journals that would be expiring before 01/12/2019, appears in a tabular form.
11:56 We can also see the following details-

ISSN, , Title, ,Library, ,OPAC note, ,Nonpublic note, ,Expiration date and Actions.

12:15 This is how we can- create the schedule for Serials and receive them as per arrival of the Volume and issues.
12:25 You may now log out from the Koha Superlibrarian account.
12:30 Go to the top right corner of the Koha interface. Click on the Spoken Tutorial Library and from the drop-down, select Log out.
12:42 This brings us to the end of this tutorial.
12:46 Let us summarize:

In this tutorial, we learnt: how to receive Serials, claim late Serials, check Serials expiration, renew Serials and search Serials.

13:04 In an earlier tutorial, a new subscription for the Journal of Molecular Biology was added.
13:11 As an assignment, renew the same subscription.
13:15 The video at the following link summarizes the Spoken Tutorial project.
13:19 Please download and watch it.
13:22 The Spoken Tutorial Project Team conducts workshops and gives certificates. For more details, please write to us.
13:31 Please post your timed queries in this forum.
13:35 Spoken Tutorial project is funded by NMEICT, MHRD, Government of India. More information on this mission is available at this link.
13:46 This is Bella Tony from IIT Bombay, signing off. Thank you for joining.

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