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KTurtle is an educational programming environment that aims to make learning how to program as easy as possible. To achieve this KTurtle makes all programming tools available from the user interface. The programming language used is TurtleScript which allows its commands to be translated.

KTurtle is an educational programming environment for turtle graphics. It is released under the open source GNU General Public License and is part of the KDE SC 4. KTurtle has a built-in programming language that is loosely based on the Logo programming language. It is one of the few localized programming languages; the programming commands are translated to the human language of the programmer.

The Spoken Tutorial Effort for KTurtle is being contributed by Sindhu Ghanti from Public Software Center,IT for Change, Bangalore. Other contributors who helped in the creation of the outline and scripts are ............

KTurtle Slide Template                                                                                                                               Glossary

Basic Level

  1. Introduction to KTurtle
    • About KTurtle
    • Installing KTurtle
    • Exploring Angles
    • Repeat Loops
    • Drawing Basic Mathematical Structures
    • Setting Canvas and Pen Properties
  2. Grammar of TurtleScript-Part I
    • Commands
    • Comments
    • Numbers
    • Variables
    • Strings
    • Mathematical Operators
    • Comparison Operators
    • if-else Conditions

Intermediate Level

  1. Grammar of TurtleScript-Part II
    • learn Command
    • random Command
  2. Special Commands in KTurtle
    • "learn" command
    • Example of "learn" command
    • "random" command
    • Explaination about "random" command
    • Example of "random" command
    • example of "learn" and "random" together
    • Explanation of commands like canvassize, canvascolor, penwidth, pencolor and repeat
  3. Programming Concepts
    • Write a program in KTurtle
    • Use of variables to store input
    • Use of print command
    • Comment a line
    • Explanation of Turtle
    • Controlling program exection
    • Use of "sqrt" function
    • Perform Mathematical calculations
    • Explain Keywords like "clear", "spritehide", "spriteshow"
    • Use of symbols and their significance
  4. Control Execution
    • Explain control execution
    • Explain a loop
    • Condition of "while loop"
    • Structure of "while loop"
    • Initialize a variable
    • To give message in a program
    • Explain about "for" loop
    • Structure of "for" loop
    • Explain commands like - fontsize x, forward x, go x,y
    • Explanation of "wait x" command
  5. Question Glue
    • Explain Question Glue words
    • Use of Question Glue words
    • Glue word "and"
    • Nested if-else block
    • Use of keywords like "messgae", "reset", "fontsize"
    • Use of "ask" command
    • Explain conditions for different triangles
    • Glue word "not"
    • Repeat command
    • Syntax of "if- or" condition
  6. Common Errors in KTurtle
    • Definition of an error
    • Definition of syntax error
    • Examples of types of syntax errors
    • Detection and correction of errors
    • Explanation of runtime errors
    • Example of runtime errors
    • Definition of logical errors
    • Logical error in a loop
    • Abort a proces

Contributors and Content Editors

Minal, PoojaMoolya, Pratik kamble