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Time Narration
00:01 Welcome to the Spoken Tutorial on Introduction to K3b.
00:06 In this tutorial, you will learn about
00:08 the K3b interface and various toolbars.
00:12 You will also learn how to download and install K3b on the Ubuntu Linux Operating System and
00:20 Burn a sample file using K3b.
00:24 What is K3b?
00:27 K3b is a CD/DVD burning software.
00:31 It can perform simple tasks like burning a CD to complex tasks such as burning eMovix CDs.
00:39 It can create a data, an audio or a video CD/DVD.
00:45 K3b supports all data formats such as ".html", ".txt" and so on.
00:54 It supports all audio and video formats such as mp3, MPEG and so on.
01:03 For more information about K3b, please visit 'www.k3b.org'.
01:11 Here, we are using K3b 2.0.2 on Ubuntu Linux 12.04.
01:20 You need to ensure that you have inserted a CD or a DVD into the drive for this tutorial.
01:28 If you do not have K3b installed, you can do so by using Ubuntu Software Centre.
01:34 For details on Ubuntu Software Centre, please refer to the spoken tutorial website.
01:41 For the purpose of this tutorial, we have created a folder called "Myk3bCD" on the Desktop.
01:50 We have also saved 4 Writer, 1 Impress and 2 Calc files in this folder.
01:58 While practicing, you can use any folder or file of your choice.
02:03 Now let’s open K3b.
02:06 First, click Dash Home which is the round button on the top left corner of your computer desktop.
02:14 The Search box appears.
02:16 Now, type k3b.
02:19 The K3b icon appears.
02:22 Click on it to open the application.
02:26 The "K3b" window opens.
02:29 Let us familiarize ourselves with the K3b interface.
02:34 The K3b interface has a main menu with various options.
02:40 Shortcut icons are available below the main menu such as-
02:45 New Project, Open, Save, Format and Filter.
02:50 K3b is divided into two main panels, the top and bottom panels.
02:57 The top panel is also divided into two panels.
03:01 The left panel displays the main folders in your computer...
03:06 and the right panel displays the corresponding sub-folders.
03:13 The bottom panel displays shortcut icons for the most common processes used in K3b.
03:21 You can add shortcut icons of the processes that you commonly use to this panel.
03:28 Let’s add a shortcut icon to create a new video CD project.
03:34 Place the cursor on the bottom panel.
03:38 Right-click for the context menu.
03:41 Click New Video CD Project.
03:45 The shortcut icon for New Video CD Project appears on the panel.
03:51 Now, let's burn a Data CD.
03:54 In the bottom pane, double-click on New Data Project.
03:59 Alternately, go to New Project and click on the drop-down list.
04:04 Select New Data Project.
04:07 From the left panel, select Home and Desktop.
04:13 Now, select the "Myk3bCD" folder.
04:18 It opens up all the files and folders on the top right panel.
04:24 Let us select the data file to be burned.
04:29 Let’s choose the file Writer4 from this folder.
04:33 Drag and drop the file Writer4 to the bottom panel.
04:39 Ensure that you have inserted a CD or a DVD into the drive before proceeding further.
04:47 Click Burn.
04:49 Again click Burn.
04:53 A window appears with 3 different tabs.
04:56 Let us keep the default settings.
04:59 So, click Default Settings.
05:02 Now, we can see the burning status and the progress status.
05:08 Once burning completes, CD ejects automatically.
05:13 Isn’t it simple?
05:16 This brings us to the end of this tutorial on K3b.
05:21 In this tutorial, we learnt about the K3b interface and its toolbars.
05:27 We also learnt how to: download and install K3b,
05:32 use various feature in K3b,
05:35 burn a file onto a CD.
05:39 Here is an assignment for you.
05:41 Burn an Audio file onto a CD.
05:45 Watch the video available at the following link.
05:48 It summarizes the Spoken Tutorial project.
05:51 If you do not have good bandwidth, you can download and watch it.
05:56 The Spoken Tutorial project team:
05:58 Conducts workshops using spoken tutorials.
06:01 Gives certificates to those who pass an online test.
06:05 For more details, please write to: contact@spoken-tutorial.org
06:11 Spoken Tutorial project is a part of the Talk to a Teacher project.
06:15 It is supported by the National Mission on Education through ICT, MHRD, Government of India.
06:23 More information on this mission is available at: http://spoken-tutorial.org/NMEICT-Intro.
06:34 This tutorial has been contributed by DesiCrew Solutions Private Ltd.

Thanks for joining.

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