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Visual Cue Narration
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Welcome to the Spoken Tutorial on Introduction to K3b.

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Learning Objectives

In this tutorial, you will learn about

  • the K3b interface and
  • various toolbars.

You will also learn how to:

  • Download and install K3b on the Ubuntu Linux Operating System and,
  • Burn a sample file using K3b.
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What is K3b?

What is K3b?
  • K3b is a CD/DVD burning software.
  • It can perform simple tasks like burning a CD to complex tasks such as burning eMovix CDs.
  • It can create a data, an audio, or a video CD/DVD.
  • K3b supports all data formats such as .html, .txt, and so on.
  • It supports all audio and video formats such as mp3, MPEG, and so on.
Switch to the browser and show the website. For more information about K3b, please visit www.k3b.org
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Systems Requirements

Here, we are using K3b 2.0.2 on Ubuntu Linux 12.04.

You need to ensure that you have inserted a CD or a DVD into the drive for this tutorial.

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Install k3b using the Ubuntu Software Centre

If you do not have K3b installed, you can do so by using Ubuntu Software Centre.

For details on Ubuntu Software Centre, please refer to the spoken tutorial website.

Switch to the Ubuntu Desktop and point to the Myk3bCD folder For the purpose of this tutorial, we have created a folder called Myk3bCD on the Desktop.
Double-click on the folder and point to the files as per the narration We have also saved 4 Writer, 1 Impress and 2 Calc files in this folder.
While practising, you can use any folder or file of your choice.
Now let’s open K3b.
Click Dash Home First, click Dash Home, which is the round button, on the top left corner of your computer desktop.
Point to the Search box. The Search box appears.
Type k3b. Now type k3b.
Point to the K3b icon. The K3b icon appears.
Click on it Click on it to open the application.
Point to the K3b window. The K3b window opens.
Let us familiarize ourselves with the K3b interface.
Point to the Main menu. The K3b interface has a Main menu with various options.
Below the Main menu >> point to New Project, Open, Save, Format and Filter icons. Short cut icons are available below the Main menu such as,

New Project, Open, Save, Format and Filter.

Point to the two main panels, the top and bottom panels. K3b is divided into two main panels, the top and bottom panels.
Point to the top panel and then to the left panel and the right panel. The top panel is also divided into two panels.
Point to the left panel. The left panel displays the main folders in your computer...
Point to the right panel. ...and the right panel displays the corresponding sub-folders.
Point to the bottom panel. The bottom panel displays short cut icons, for the most common processes used in K3b.
You can add short cut icons of the processes that you commonly use, to this panel.
Let’s add a short cut icon to create a new video CD project.
Switch to k3b >> place the cursor on the bottom panel

Place the cursor on the bottom panel.

Right for the context menu. Right-click for the context menu.
Click New Video CD Project. Click New Video CD Project.
Point to the short icon for New Video CD Project that appears on the panel. The short icon for New Video CD Project appears on the panel.

Double-click on New Data Project in the bottom pane.

Now, lets burn a Data CD.

In the bottom pane, double-click on New Data Project.

Point to the New Project on the main toolbar and click on the drop-down list Alternately, go to New Project and click on the drop-down list.
Select New Data Project Select New Data Project.
From the left panel, select Home and Desktop. From the left panel, select Home and Desktop.
Select the Myk3bCD folder on the top left pane Now select the Myk3bCD folder.

It opens up all the files and folders on the top right panel.

Select Writer4 in this folder to be burned from the top right panel. Let us select the data file to be burned.

Let’s choose the file Writer4 from this folder.

Drag and drop Writer4 the bottom panel Drag and drop the file Writer4 to the bottom panel.
Ensure that you have inserted a CD or a DVD into the drive before proceeding further.
Click Burn on the bottom panel. Click Burn.
Again click Burn. Again click Burn.
Point to the window and 3 tabs in it. A window appears with 3 different tabs.
Point to the default settings.

Click default settings.

Let us keep the default settings.

So, click Default Settings.

Point to the burning status bar. Now, we can see the burning status and the progress status.
Once burning completes>> CD ejects automatically. Once burning completes, CD ejects automatically.

Isn’t it simple?

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This brings us to the end of this tutorial on K3b.

In this tutorial we learnt about

  • the K3b interface and
  • its toolbars.

We also learnt how to:

  • Download and install K3b
  • Use various feature in K3b
  • Burn a file onto a CD
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Here is an assignment for you.

Burn an Audio file onto a CD.

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Watch the video available at the following link

It summarises the Spoken Tutorial project

If you do not have good bandwidth, you can download and watch it

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Spoken Tutorial Workshops

The Spoken Tutorial Project Team
  • Conducts workshops using spoken tutorials
  • Gives certificates to those who pass an online test

For more details, please write to contact@spoken-tutorial.org

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Spoken Tutorial Project is a part of the Talk to a Teacher project

It is supported by the National Mission on Education through ICT, MHRD, Government of India

More information on this Mission is available at: http://spoken-tutorial.org/NMEICT-Intro

The tutorial has been contributed by DesiCrew Solutions Private Ltd.

Thanks for joining.

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