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Joomla is a Content Management System (CMS) and helps one store content (text, documents, photos, videos etc) on websites. It can be used for building websites of all kinds - corporate, personal, eCommerce, charity, educational, travel, news, magazines etc. Joomla 1.0 was released in September 2005 and the Joomla developer community keeps adding features with every release. It is a free and open source software (FOSS) which makes it one of the most popular CMS.

A major advantage of using a CMS is that it requires no technical knowledge to manage a website. It has powerful extensions and plugins that can help a user create galleries, polls, searches, chats, forums and many other utilities easily without requiring any technical development skills.

The Spoken Tutorial Effort for Joomla Basic level has been contributed by Priyanka from Hyderabad supported with domain reviews by Dr.Ambuja Salgaonkar from Mumbai.


Basic Level

1. Overview of Joomla

  • Explain the concept of Content Management System
  • Introduce Joomla as a CMS
  • Software and hardware requirements for running Joomla
  • OS and Joomla version to be used for the series
  • Overview of the key features that will be demonstrated in the Joomla series

2. Installing Joomla on localhost

  • Install Joomla on Linux machine
  • Cross verify the installation

3. Common mistakes and uninstalling Joomla

  • Explain the common mistakes that happen when installing Joomla
  • Demonstrate solutions to those mistakes
  • Explain how to uninstall Joomla

4. Creating Articles in Joomla

  • Explain about Article Manager in Joomla
  • Create a new Article
  • Edit and existing Article
  • Make a copy of an article
  • Delete an article

5. Article Options in Joomla

  • Explain about status of an article
  • Explain about various publishing options
  • Explain about the global options for articles

6. Formatting Article in Joomla

  • Demonstrate basic formatting for an article
  • Explain about styling an article text
  • Demonstrate how to insert lists, page breaks and read more link.

7. Categories in Joomla

  • Explain about Category Manager
  • Explain how to create and edit categories
  • Explain how to create sub-categories
  • Explain how to assign articles to a category
  • Explain how to move or copy articles to a different category
  • Explain the difference between deleting and unpublishing a category and how to perform the two operations

8. Menus in Joomla

  • Explain menus and their importance in Joomla
  • Explain about Menu Manager
  • Explain how to create menu items and submenus
  • Demonstrate how to change the default homepage
  • Explain how to unpublish menu items

Contributors and Content Editors

Itspriyanka, Minal, PoojaMoolya