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JavaScript, often abbreviated as JS, is a programming language that conforms to the ECMA Script specification. Alongside HTML and CSS, JavaScript is one of the core technologies of the World Wide Web. JavaScript enables interactive web pages and is an essential part of web applications. The vast majority of websites use it for client-side page behavior, and all major web browsers have a dedicated JavaScript engine to execute it.

Basic Level

  1. Overview of JS
    • Why JavaScript?
    • About JavaScript
    • The content available in various tutorials in this series
  2. How to use JS in HTML
    • Creating JS file
    • Different approaches to use JS with HTML
    • Script Tag Usage
    • Embedding JS in HTML
    • Writing JS code in Embedded method
    • Importing External JS File
    • Writing JS code in External File
    • Best Practices for writing JS code
    • Installing Live Server
    • Browser Console
    • Browser Tools
  3. Data Types and Variables in JS
    • Declaring Variables
    • Data Types
    • Primitive Data Types
    • Non-Primitive Data Types
    • Browser Tools
    • Console Data
    • Commenting JS code
    • The data structure of Array and Object
    • Accessing Array Elements
    • Accessing Object Property Values
  4. Operators in JS
    • Operator
    • Different Types of Operators
    • What Operator returns
    • Assignment operator
    • Arithmetic operators
    • Comparison operators
    • Logical operators
    • Ternary operator
    • Usage or Operators
  5. Loops in JS
    • What is a Loop
    • Different Types of Loops
    • Initializing Loops
    • Entry Controlled Loops
    • Exit controlled Loops
    • Increment/Decrement in Loops
    • for loop
    • while loop
    • do.. while loop
    • for.. in loop
  6. Functions in JS
    • Create basic functions
    • Create Parameterized function
    • Create Function as a value
    • Create Function as an Argument/Parameter
    • Create Function as Property
    • Create Function Arguments
    • Create Constructor function
    • Access parameters in a function
    • Returning value from a function
    • Access arguments in a function

Intermediate Level

  1. Window and DOM Manipulations in JS
    • Window Object
    • Global Object
    • Window Object Properties
    • Prototypes
    • Document Object Modal
    • DOM Manipulations
    • Access element
    • Accessing element value
    • Modifying value
    • Adding HTML element to DOM
  2. Events and Event Listeners in JS
    • Event in JavaScript
    • Different Types of Event
    • Event Listeners
    • Adding Event Listeners to HTML elements
    • Removing Event Listeners to HTML elements
    • Adding Click Event to Button Example
    • Executing JavaScript Function on Event occurrence
  3. Variable Keywords and Hoisting in JS
    • Declaring variables using let and const Keywords
    • Scope of let Keyword
    • Scope of const Keyword
    • Variable value Manipulations
    • Usage of data types with let and const
    • Lexical Scope
    • Block Scope
    • Functional Scope
    • Hoisting
  4. Closure in JS
    • Closure Scope
    • Closure Function
    • Understanding Closure
    • Accessing Closure
    • Making use of Closure Scope values
    • Advantages of Closure

Advance Level

  1. Object and Array Destructuring in JS
    • Object Destructuring
    • Array Destructuring
    • Template Literals
    • String Concatenation
    • Spread Operator
    • Copying array values
    • Rest Operator
    • Assigning a different variable name while Destructuring
  2. this Keyword in JS
    • this Keywords
    • this Context
    • Different types of bindings
    • Implicit Binding
    • Explicit Binding
    • New Binding
    • Constructor Function
    • Window Binding
    • Window Object
  3. Arrow function in JS
    • Arrow Function
    • Fat Arrow Function
    • Difference between normal function and arrow function
    • Advantages of arrow function
    • setTimeout example
    • setInterval example
    • clearInterval example
    • callback
    • this context
  4. Array methods in JS
    • Different Type of Array Methods
    • The widely used array method
    • adding and removing elements from the beginning of the array
    • adding and removing elements from the end of the array
    • Advanced Loops for Array
    • looping using forEach method
    • modifying the array using the map method
    • filtering the array using the filter method
  5. Classes and Inheritance in JS
    • How to create a Class
    • How to inherit properties and methods of a class
    • Constructor Function
    • Invoking Parent class constructor
    • Super Keyword
    • Creating Object for a class
    • Passing variables from child to parent class
  6. Promise and Async-Await in JS
    • How to create a promise
    • Promise States
    • Handling success and Failure in Promise
    • Handling success and failure callbacks
    • throwing an exception from a function
    • Chaining in Promise
    • Async Function and usage
    • Await Keyword and usage
  7. Fetch API in JS
    • How to use fetch
    • Handling success and failure response
    • Handling success and failure callbacks
    • Making an API call using fetch
    • Getting real-time data using fetch
    • convert the headers and get a response
    • Accessing the response data
  8. Project: Github Repos
    • Fetching GitHub repo data
    • Handling success and failure response
    • Handling success and failure callbacks
    • Making an API call using fetch
    • Getting real-time data using fetch
    • convert the headers and get a response
    • Accessing the response data
    • Converting JSON response to a string
    • Displaying data in DOM

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