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JChemPaint Editor allows the user to draw chemical structures and to import and export structure data in plain-text formats (SMILES, Molfile, CML). It also allows to load and display a chemical structure, which can then be edited by the user. It needs an installed Java Virtual Machine for operation. It allows to Colour atoms. It has an extensive Template library and Ring templates.

Basic Level

1. Introduction to JChemPaint

  • About JChemPaint
  • Install JChemPaint on Windows OS
  • Install JChemPaint on Ubuntu Linux OS
  • Explain JChemPaint interface
  • Explain Menu bar, Tool bars and Panel
  • Explain about Preferences window
  • Draw structures and save the file

Intermediate Level

2. Features of JChemPaint

  • Change background color of the Panel
  • Change look and feel of the window
  • Change User interface language
  • Insert different Templates to the Panel
  • Generate Smiles and InChi key for a drawn molecule
  • Insert Smiles to generate for a given structure
  • Insert InChi keys to generate the structure

3. Properties of JChemPaint

  • Explain Periodic table trends
  • Explain Atom Pop up menu
  • How to draw a reaction
  • How to set up an R-Group query

Contributors and Content Editors

Madhurig, PoojaMoolya