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INKSCAPE is an Open Source Vector graphics editor similar to Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw or Xara X, which uses the W3C standard Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) file format.

Inkscape can create and edit complex vector graphics and save them in a variety of formats. These illustrations and drawings may be used for Desktop Publishing, in your presentations and documents. Thus it may benefit everyone who requires graphics for presentations or any type of document. In particular it will be very useful for the graphic designer, web designer and the desktop publisher. There are no pre-requisites for learning Inkscape.

The current stable version of Inkscape is 0.48.1. Inkscape may be used under all flavours of Linux, Windows and Mac Operating Systems.

Please see the associated text box of individual spoken tutorials on the website to decide the versions of software and OS to which it is applicable.

This spoken tutorial effort for Inkscape is being initiated by Dr. Basil Koikara, Registrar of Assam Don Bosco University, Guwahati, India. Other collaborators are invited to take part in this effort.

Inkscape Slide Template                                                                                                                               Glossary


  • What is Inkscape
  • Operating systems which support
  • Uses and who will find it useful
  • Inkscape interface
  • creating new documents
  • panning the canvas and zooming in and out of the canvas
  • saving files and file formats
  • moving, scaling, rotating and skewing shapes – using mouse and keys
  • multiple selections
  • grouping and ungrouping
  • duplicating, cloning, aligning and distributing and ordering
  • selecting under
  • pasting techniques


Predefined Shape

  • rectangles, squares
  • rounded corners
  • ellipses and circles – segments, sectors, arcs
  • stars, polygons
  • spirals
  • converting shapes into paths using the object to path command

Creating Lines

  • Introduction to freehand and brezier lines
  • Drawing different types of lines with freehand and brezier tool.
  • Editing paths
  • nodes and tangents
  • types of nodes
  • adding nodes
  • changing the type of nodes
  • Combining paths
  • breaking and joining lines
  • boolean operation on paths
  • offset and inset
  • simplify, reverse paths
  • The calligraphic drawing tool
  • various styles of using the tool

Fills and Strokes

  • Fills – flat colour, gradient fills, pattern fills
  • editing fills – blur, opacity, etc.
  • gradient fills – linear and radial, editing gradient fills
  • creating patterns using objects
  • Strokes - stroke paint and stroke styles
  • editing stroke styles

Using Text in Inkscape

  • artistic text and paragraph text
  • text in a frame
  • text on a path
  • converting text into paths



  • General principles of using filters
  • examples of certain filters
  • filter editor


  • General principles of using extensions
  • examples for the use of certain extensions

Tracing Bitmaps

  • Tracing bitmaps
  • clipping and masking objects

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