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Time Narration
00:00 Welcome to the Spoken Tutorial on Create and edit shapes using Inkscape.
00:06 In this tutorial, we will familiarize ourselves with Inkscape.
00:10 We will learn about Inkscape interface and how to: Create basic shapes
00:16 Fill color and Modify shapes using handles.
00:20 For this tutorial, I am using: Ubuntu Linux 12.04 OS
00:25 Inkscape version 0.48.4
00:29 Go to Dash home and type: Inkscape.
00:34 You can open Inkscape by double-clicking on the logo.
00:38 On the top of the interface, you will find the menu bar and Tool controls bar.
00:44 This is followed by the rulers at the top and at the side.
00:48 On the right side of the interface, you will find the Command bar and Snap controls bar.
00:54 The Tool box is located on the left side of the interface.
00:58 In the centre, is the canvas. This is where you will draw your graphics.
01:03 At the bottom of the interface, we can see the color palette and the status bar.
01:09 Now, let us learn to create and edit some basic shapes in Inkscape.
01:14 First of all, we will learn about Select and Transform tool. It is commonly called as Selector tool.
01:22 It's a very important tool. You will find it on the left hand side of the Tool box.
01:28 With this tool, you can select objects, transform and move them around on the canvas.
01:34 To open a new Inkscape document, click on File and then choose New and click on Default.
01:41 To open an existing Inkscape document, click on File and then choose Open.
01:47 Let's open the drawing_1.svg file that we created earlier.
01:53 I had saved it in Documents folder. Click on Open button at the bottom right.
02:01 We created a rectangle earlier.
02:04 Now, click on the rectangle.
02:06 By default, the color of the rectangle is green.
02:09 To change the color to red, we will use the color palette at the bottom.
02:14 So, I will move the cursor to the bottom and click on red color.
02:18 Observe the color change in the rectangle.
02:22 Let us now move the rectangle.To do so, you should click anywhere on the rectangle.
02:27 Now, without releasing the mouse button, drag it wherever you want on the canvas.
02:33 Then release the mouse-button.
02:37 Let us zoom in for a better view. To do so, press Ctrl key and use the scroll button on the mouse.
02:46 Notice arrows around the rectangle. These are called handles which we can use for scaling and rotating.
02:57 When the cursor is kept on any of the handles, the color of the handle changes.
03:02 This indicates that particular handle is selected and ready for resizing.
03:08 To scale or resize the rectangle, click and drag on any one of the corner handles.
03:17 If you want to keep the aspect ratio same, hold the Ctrl key while resizing.
03:24 To change the length or the width of the rectangle, use one of the handles on the sides of the rectangle.
03:32 Click and drag the handle, either to the left or to the right.
03:39 Observe the change in the width of the rectangle.
03:43 Now, let's change the height of the rectangle.
03:46 So, we will click and drag on either the top or the bottom handle.
03:51 Observe the change in the height of the rectangle.
03:54 We can also change the width and height of the rectangle manually by changing the Width and Height parameters on the Tool controls bar.
04:03 I will change the Width to 400 and Height to 200.
04:07 Notice the change in the size of the rectangle.
04:10 In a similar way, you can also move the object by changing the X and Y axes positions.
04:19 Now, let's learn how to rotate the rectangle.
04:24 To do so, click on the rectangle once again.
04:27 Notice that now the shape of the corner handles has changed to indicate that it is ready for rotation.
04:34 I will click on the top right corner handle and rotate the rectangle.
04:44 You can also skew the rectangle by clicking and dragging any of the side handles.
04:50 I am clicking the left middle handle and dragging it up and down to skew the rectangle.
04:56 Observe the changes as I do so.
04:59 We will learn some more details on using these handles in another tutorial.
05:04 Let us unselect this shape now.
05:06 To do so, click anywhere in the canvas area or outside the canvas boundary.
05:11 Let me move the mouse back to the Tool box and over the same rectangle tool.
05:17 The tool tip says that we can draw rectangles and squares using this tool.
05:22 So, first let me click on this tool.
05:25 To draw a square, simply hold the Ctrl key and drag on the Canvas.
05:30 Let me change its color to pink.
05:32 An assignment for you.
05:34 Select the Create circles and ellipses tool from the Tool box.
05:38 Use the Ctrl key, draw a circle on the canvas.
05:42 Color it blue.
05:44 This is my circle.
05:46 Now let us learn how to modify this circle.
05:49 You can change the Start and the End parameters to alter the shape of the circle to an arc or a segment.
05:56 There are 3 options here on the Tool controls bar which help to switch between the shapes.
06:03 Let me change the Start parameter to 100 and End parameter to -50.
06:09 We see that the circle shape has now changed to a segment shape.
06:14 Now I will click on Arc icon and we see the change in the shape.
06:19 We can change back to circle shape again by clicking on the Circle icon.
06:25 Now, let's take a closer look at the circle shape on our canvas.
06:30 Notice 2 resize handles and 2 circular handles called arc handles, on the shape.
06:37 The 2 resize handles can be used to alter the shape of the circle to an ellipse shape.
06:44 Just drag these handles in the up-down or left-right directions.
06:53 Observe the changes in the shape.
06:56 The 2 arc handles overlap each other. Click on the arc handle and move it anti-clockwise.
07:04 We can now see both the arc handles.
07:08 We can modify the circle shape into arc or segment shape using these arc handles.
07:14 Just by moving them in clockwise or anti-clockwise directions and observe the change in the shape.
07:24 Now, we will click on the rectangle tool in the Tool box and then click on the square.
07:30 Notice 2 resize handles and 2 arc handles on the top right corner of the shape.
07:40 As before, the 2 arc handles overlap each other.
07:43 Click on one of the arc handle and move it clockwise.
07:48 Now, we can see both the arc handles.
07:51 We can give rounded edges to the square using these handles.
07:56 Move them in clockwise or anti-clockwise directions and observe the change in the shape.
08:02 Now, let us create a polygon by clicking on the Stars and polygons tool from the Tool box.
08:08 This is right below the circle tool. So, click on it.
08:13 We will draw a polygon in a similar way and change the color to green.
08:20 By default, a 5-sided polygon i.e. a pentagon is drawn.
08:24 Look at the Tool controls bar. Here, it says the number of corners of the polygon is 5.
08:32 You can create a square by decreasing the number to 4 and a triangle by decreasing it to 3.
08:39 By increasing it, we can create a pentagon, hexagon and so on.
08:44 Notice a resize handle on the polygon.
08:47 We can use it to resize or rotate the polygon.
08:52 Convert this shape into a star shape by clicking on the star icon next to the polygon icon, in the Tool controls bar.
09:00 Notice 2 handles on the star shape – one at the tip and one at the joint.
09:06 Click and drag the handle at the tip of the star to resize or rotate it.
09:12 We can resize and skew the shape of the star using the other handle.
09:17 Click on it and move in clockwise or anti-clockwise directions and observe the change in the shape and size.
09:25 We have come to the end of this tutorial. Let us summarize.
09:30 In this tutorial, we learnt about Inkscape interface.
09:34 We also learnt to- Create basic shapes like rectangle, square, circle, ellipse, polygon and star.
09:42 Fill color into the shapes and modify the shapes using handles.
09:46 Here is an assignment for you.
09:49 Create a rectangle shape filled with blue color,
09:52 a circle shape with red color,
09:54 a star with 7 sides in green color.
09:58 Your completed assignment should look like this.
10:03 Watch the video available at the following link. It summarizes the Spoken Tutorial project.
10:09 If you do not have good bandwidth, you can download and watch it.
10:13 The Spoken Tutorial Project team: conducts workshops using spoken tutorial and gives certificates for those who pass an online test.
10:22 For more details, please write to:
10:28 Spoken tutorial Project is a part of the Talk to a Teacher project.
10:32 It is supported by the NMEICT, MHRD, Government of India.
10:38 More information on this mission is available at:
10:47 We have come to the end of this tutorial.
10:50 This is Arthi and Saurabh from IIT Bombay, signing off. Thanks for joining.

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