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00:01 Welcome to the Spoken Tutorial on Laid-back hold for breastfeeding.
00:07 In this tutorial we will learn, choosing the correct breastfeeding hold for a mother and her baby.
00:15 Mother’s preparation before breastfeeding and How to do the laid-back hold.
00:22 Let us begin.
00:24 Across the world, mothers breastfeed their babies using various types of holds.
00:31 As discussed in an earlier tutorial- The best breastfeeding hold for a mother and her baby is the one in which-
00:39 Both mother and baby are comfortable for the entire duration of breastfeeding
00:47 The baby is able to attach deeply to the mother’s breast

And get sufficient milk.

00:55 Let us learn about one of the holds called Laid-back hold.
01:00 Laid-back hold is recommended when - Deep attachment of the baby to the breast is difficult using cross cradle or cradle hold
01:10 Or if the mother has big breasts
01:13 Or if the mother has back pain
01:16 Or when the mother is tired.
01:19 Before feeding her baby, the mother must wash her hands with soap and water.

And dry her hands properly.

01:27 Then she should drink a glass of boiled and cooled water.
01:32 Lactating mothers produce 750 to 850 mililitres of milk per day on an average.

Therefore, they need to increase their daily water intake.

01:44 Next, mother should uncover the breast from which she wants to feed the baby.
01:50 She should ensure not to put pressure of her bra or blouse on the breast.
01:55 Then, the mother should lie down comfortably on the floor or on a bed.
02:01 Her head, neck and upper back should be well supported by pillows.
02:07 Now that the mother is ready, let us learn how to hold the baby correctly.
02:13 Mother should-hold her baby’s body with the hand on the side of the breast that she will feed from.
02:20 She should hold the lower part of her baby's head- with the thumb and fingers of her other hand.
02:27 The mother in this picture, will be feeding her baby from her right breast.
02:32 Therefore, she is using her right hand to hold the baby’s body.
02:38 She is using the thumb and fingers of her left hand to hold the lower part of her baby’s head.
02:46 Next, Let us see the correct position of mother’s thumb and fingers for holding the baby’s head.
02:54 Mother’s thumb should be-behind one ear, and rest of the fingers behind the other ear of the baby.
03:02 She should not move her fingers or thumb from behind the ear to the baby’s neck.
03:08 She should not apply pressure on the back of the baby’s head with her hand.

This will keep the baby comfortable while feeding.

03:20 Next, let us learn how to position the baby’s body correctly.
03:25 The baby should be placed on the mother’s body in such a way that baby’s stomach is on the mother’s stomach
03:32 And the baby’s head is near the mother’s breast.
03:38 Lesser distance between the baby and the breast will help the baby to reach the breast.
03:44 And it will become easier for the baby to attach deeply.
03:49 Then, the second important point is the direction in which the baby’s entire body is held.
03:56 You may have noticed that- When we eat food, our head, neck and body are always in the same direction.
04:05 Similarly- Baby’s head, neck and body should always be in the same direction while breastfeeding.
04:14 This will make swallowing milk easier for the baby.
04:19 Remember, the baby can be positioned on the mother’s body in any direction, as long as - the whole front part of the baby’s body is placed on the front part of the mother’s body
04:32 And the baby can reach the breast easily.
04:38 Now we come to the third point in positioning the baby’s body.
04:42 The mother should support the full body of her baby.
04:47 Otherwise, the baby will have to take a lot of effort to attach deeply to the breast.
04:54 Next, let’s look at the position of baby’s nose and chin.
04:59 Baby’s nose should always be in line with the nipple.
05:04 And her chin should be forward and very close to the breast.
05:09 This will ensure that the baby takes in more of the lower part of the areola while latching.
05:16 And therefore, will use the lower jaw to drink more milk efficiently.
05:21 Please note- Areola is the dark area around the nipple.
05:27 Now, the baby is in laid back hold and ready to latch on for breastfeeding.
05:34 In this hold, the baby can naturally attach deeply to the mother’s breast.
05:40 Deep attachment of the baby to the breast is explained in another video of the same series.
05:49 As soon as the baby is deeply attached to the breast- mother can release the baby’s head from her hand

And use both her hands to support the baby’s body.

06:02 In this position, the mother should lie back, relax and breastfeed.

This brings us to the end of this tutorial.

06:11 In this tutorial, we learnt about- Choosing the correct breastfeeding hold for a mother and her baby
06:18 Mother’s preparation before breastfeeding and How to do the laid-back hold.
06:25 This tutorial has been contributed by the Spoken Tutorial Project, IIT Bombay
06:31 Spoken Tutorial Project is funded by NMEICT, MHRD, Government of India.

More information on this mission is available at this link.

06:44 This tutorial is partly funded by a generous contribution from WHEELS Global Foundation.
06:51 This tutorial is a part of Maa aur Shishu Poshan project.

The domain reviewer for this tutorial is Dr. Rupal Dalal, MD Pediatrics.

07:03 This is dietitian Tasneem Shaikh along with animator Shital Joshi from IIT Bombay signing off.

Thank you for joining.

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