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GeoGebra is an interactive geometry software for education in schools. GeoGebra is written in Java and thus available for multiple platforms.

Geogebra is a free mathematics software for learning and teaching

  • Interactive graphics, algebra and spreadsheet
  • From elementary school to university level
  • Free learning materials.

Most parts of the GeoGebra program are licensed under GPL and CC-BY-SA, making them free software. However some parts, including the Windows and Mac installers, have a license which forbids commercial use and are therefore not free software. In practice, this means that non-commercial use by teachers and students is always free of charge, while commercial users may need to pay license fees. For details see the GeoGebra license description available at

Please see the associated text box of individual spoken tutorials on the website to decide the versions of Geogebra and OS to which it is applicable.

The Spoken Tutorial Effort for Geogebra is being contributed by Bindu Thirumalai from IT for Change, Bangalore, Madhuri Ganapathi from Spoken Tutorial Project, IIT Bombay and SNDT summer intern Neeta Sawant.

Geogebra Slide Template                                                                                                                               Glossary

Basic Level

  1. Introduction to Geogebra
    • The Geogebra Window
    • Basic Object Properties - Styles
    • Saving and Opening a Geogebra File
  2. Angles and Triangles Basics
    • Tool Bar – Points, Lines, Polygon, Circles, Angle (Measurement Tools) , Insert Text
    • Drawing Pad Properties
    • Deleting Object
    • Basic Object Properties
  3. Symmetrical Transformation in Geogebra
    • GeoGebra Tools used
      • Reflect Object about Line
      • Rotate Object around Point by Angle
      • Dilate Object from Point by Factor
      • Semicircle through Two points
      • Regular Polygon
      • Perpendicular bisector
    • Symmetrical transformations
      • Line symmetry
      • Rotation symmetry
    • Enlarge figure with scale and position
  4. Understanding Quadrilaterals Properties
    • GeoGebra Tools used
      • Circle with centre through point
      • Polygon
      • Angle
      • Parallel line
      • Segment between two points
      • Insert Text
    • Simple Quadrilateral
    • Quadrilateral with diagonals
  5. Spreadsheet View Basics
    • Use the spreadsheet to represent and calculate data and construct a Histogram
    • Create recurring Geogebra objects like a set a parallel lines

Intermediate Level

  1. Mensuration
    • GeoGebra tools used
      • Segment between two point
      • Circle with centre and radius
      • Ellipse
      • Polygon
      • New point
      • Insert text
    • Area and perimeter of rhombus
    • Surface area of sphere and cone
    • Volume of sphere and cone
  2. Relationships between different Geometric Figures
    • GeoGebra Tools used
      • Compass
      • Circle with center through point
      • Angle
      • New point
      • Segment between two point
      • Angle bisector
      • Perpendicular bisector
    • Cyclic Quadrilateral
    • In-circle
  3. Theorems on Chords and Arcs
    • GeoGebra Tools used
      • Circle with Center and Radius
      • Circular Sector with Center between Two Points
      • Circular Arc with Center between Two points
      • Midpoint
      • Perpendicular line
    • Chords of circle
    • Arcs of circle
  4. Tangents to a circle
    • GeoGebra Tools used
      • Tangents
      • Perpendicular Bisector
      • Intersect two Objects
      • Compass
      • Polygon
      • Circle with Center and Radius
    • Draw tangents to a circle
    • Understand the properties of Tangents
  5. Radian Measure
    • Algebra View
    • Input Bar and Geogebra Commands
  6. Spreadsheet View Advanced
    • Tracing points in Graphical View.
    • Using Sliders and Record to Spreadsheet Options
  7. Exporting Geogebra
    • Exporting Geogebra
    • Setting up Firefox to Display Geogebra as a Dynamic web page
    • To Export the drawing pad figures as a static picture
    • To Export the GeoGebra file as a dynamic HTML webpage

Advanced Level

  1. Pre Calculus and Calculus
  2. Advanced Geometry
  3. Creating your own Geogebra Tool
  4. Programming – Adding Javascript to a Geogebra file
  5. Integrating with Geography, Science, Statistics

Contributors and Content Editors

Gaurav, Madhurig, Minal, Nancyvarkey, PoojaMoolya