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Time Narration
00:01 Welcome to the spoken tutorial on Create and Manage Tools.
00:06 In this tutorial we will learn to,

Customize the tool bar

Create a new tool

Manage the created tool and

Open a new GeoGebra window and check the created tool.

00:21 To record this tutorial, I am using;

Ubuntu Linux OS version 16.04

GeoGebra version 5.0.438.0-d

00:34 To follow this tutorial, learner should be familiar with GeoGebra interface.

For the prerequisite GeoGebra tutorials, please visit this site.

00:46 I have already opened the GeoGebra interface on my machine.
00:51 For this tutorial I will un-check the axes
00:56 We will begin by customizing the tool bar.
00:59 Click on Tools menu and select Customize Toolbar option. The Customize Toolbar window opens.
01:08 The window has a drop-down to choose the views. By default, General view is selected.
01:16 The Toolbar box has a menu button next to each tool, to show the related tools.
01:22 Below the Toolbar box, we have the Up and Down arrow buttons.
01:27 I will select Line tool
01:30 These buttons are used to move the selected tool up or down the list.
01:37 At the bottom left, we have Restore Default Toolbar button, to restore the default toolbar.
01:43 Click on Restore Default Toolbar button.
01:46 Next we have Tools box. This is used to separate the tools from the Toolbar' box.
01:53 In the Toolbar box, click on the menu button next to Move to show the related tools.
01:59 Click on Move tool and then click on the Remove button.
02:04 Notice that the Move tool has moved to the Tools box.
02:08 Click on the menu button to close the Move menu.
02:11 Next click on the menu button next to Perpendicular Line to show the related tools.
02:17 Now click on Tangents tool and then click on the Remove button.
02:23 Notice that Tangents tool has also moved to the Tools box.
02:28 Click on menu button to close the Perpendicular Line menu.
02:34 Let's separate these tools from their related tools.
02:38 Select Move tool in the Tools box and click on Insert button. The Move tool is inserted as a separate tool.
02:48 Next, select Tangents tool and click on the Insert button.
02:54 Tangents tool is also inserted as a separate tool.
02:58 Now click on Apply button to apply the changes. Then click on the Close button to close the window.
03:06 Notice that Move tool and Tangents tool are shown separately on the toolbar.
03:13 Now we will learn to create a new tool.
03:16 We will begin by drawing tangents to a circle.
03:20 Click on the Circle with Centre and Radius tool. Click in the Graphics view.
03:27 Circle with Center and Radius text box opens.
03:31 In the Radius field, type 3 and click on OK button at the bottom. A circle with centre A and radius 3 cm is drawn.
03:42 Drag the boundary of the Algebra view to see the equation of the circle.
03:47 Drag the boundary to see the Graphics view clearly.
03:51 Now using Point tool we will mark an external point B on the Graphics view.
03:58 Click on Tangents tool. Then click on point B and then click on circle c.
04:07 Two tangents are drawn to the circle c from point B.
04:12 Click on the Tools menu and select Create New Tool option.
04:18 The Create New Tool dialog box opens.
04:22 In the box we have Output Objects, Input Objects and Name & Icon tabs.
04:29 By default Output Objects tab opens.
04:33 In the Output Objects tab, there is a drop-down to select objects.
04:38 From the drop-down, select

Circle c with center A and radius 3

Line f: Tangent to c through B.

Line g: Tangent to c through B.

04:52 Next click on the Input Objects tab. In this tab, Point A and Point B are already selected.
05:00 Click on Name & Icon tab. In this tab we can type the Tool name and Tool help.
05:07 For the Tool name I will type Tangents to a circle.
05:11 Observe that, as I type the Tool name, the Command name automatically gets filled.
05:17 In the Tool help box, I will type Click two points.
05:22 Observe that Show in Toolbar check-box is already checked.
05:27 Lastly click on Finish button.
05:30 Geogebra Info message box with a text New tool created successfully! appears.
05:37 Click on OK button to close this message box.
05:41 Observe that, a new tool Tangents to a circle is seen on the toolbar, with a tool tip.
05:47 Let's delete all the objects from the interface.
05:51 Now let us use the tool that we have just created.
05:55 Click on the Tangents to circle tool and click two points in the Graphics view. Tangents to a circle are drawn.
06:05 We will now see how to manage the tool we have created.
06:09 Click on Tools menu and select Manage Tools option.
06:14 The Manage Tools dialog box opens.
06:17 This dialog box has Delete, Open, Save As and Share buttons.
06:24 We will save the Tangents to a circle tool. Click on Saves As button.
06:31 Save asdialog box opens.
06:34 In the File name text box I will type Tangents hyphen circle(Tangents-circle).
06:39 Note that, in the Files of type, GeoGebra Tools(.ggt) is already selected.
06:46 Select a location to save the file. I will select Desktop.
06:52 Then click on Save button at the bottom.
06:56 And click on Close button to close the dialog box.
07:00 Now I will close the Geogebra window. I'll click on File and select Close.
07:08 The Close File box opens.
07:11 It asks Do you want to save your changes?
07:15 In the box, I'll select Don't Save button as I have already saved the file.
07:22 Now we will open the saved file.
07:25 I had saved it on my Desktop as Tagents-circle.ggt.
07:31 We can open the file by double clicking on it. Or right-click and select Open With GeoGebra option.
07:40 Please note, the new tool that we have created will be available only in this file.
07:46 We don't see the tool we created, if we open a new GeoGebra window using Dash Home.
07:55 You can check it yourself. The new tool is not available in the new GeoGebra window.
08:02 Let us summarize what we have learnt.
08:05 In this tutorial we have learnt to,

Customize the tool bar

Create a new tool

Manage the created tool

Open a new GeoGebra window and check the created tool.

08:21 As an assignment,

Create a new tool to draw altitudes of a triangle and mark the orthocenter.

08:29 Your completed assignment should look like this.
08:39 The video at the following link summarizes the Spoken Tutorial project. Please download and watch it.
08:47 The Spoken Tutorial Project team conducts workshops and gives certificates. For more details, please write to us.
08:55 Please post your timed queries in this forum.
08:59 Spoken Tutorial Project is funded by NMEICT, MHRD, Government of India. More information on this mission is available at this link.
09:10 This is Madhuri Ganapathi from, IIT Bombay signing off. Thank you for watching.

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