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Time Narration
00:01 Welcome to the spoken tutorial on Place Sales Order in FrontAccounting.
00:07 In this tutorial, we will learn about:

Sales Quotation Entry

00:13 Sales Order Entry
00:15 Make Delivery and

Sales Order Inquiry

00:20 To record this tutorial, I am using

Ubuntu Linux OS version 16.04

00:28 FrontAccounting version 2.4.7
00:32 To practise this tutorial you must have knowledge of

Higher secondary commerce and accounting and Principles of Bookkeeping

00:42 And you should have already set up an Organisation or Company in FrontAccounting
00:48 If not, for relevant FrontAccounting tutorials please visit this website.
00:54 Start the XAMPP services before you begin working on FrontAccounting interface.
01:00 Now, let us open the FrontAccounting interface.
01:04 Open the browser and type localhost/account and press Enter.
01:13 The login page appears.
01:16 Type the username as admin and the password.
01:21 Then click on the Login button.
01:24 FrontAccounting interface opens.
01:27 We have done all the steps required for sales.
01:31 Now we are ready to make a Sales Quotation Entry.
01:35 Click on the Sales tab.

In the Transactions panel, click on Sales Quotation Entry link.

01:43 We can see the drop-down box with the Customer name and other related information.
01:50 This is because we had already updated the details in Add and Manage Customers.
01:57 Let us prepare a new sales quotation entry for our customer ‘Amit’.
02:03 Note that Reference number is auto generated.
02:07 Leave all the other field entries as they are.
02:11 In the Sales Quotation Items panel, click on Item Description drop-down menu.

Select Item as Dell laptop.

02:22 Item Code and the sales price for Dell laptop appears here.
02:28 This is because we have created this in an earlier tutorial.
02:33 In the Quantity field, I will type 1 as the quantity.
02:38 If you want to give discount to the customer, type the percentage in the Discount field.
02:45 I will give discount of 0.10 % to my customer.
02:51 Now, to save the entry, click on Add Item button at the right end of the row.
02:58 Note that the Amount Total for this Sales Order, is inclusive of GST at 12%
03:06 Shipping Charge field is to add charges for shipment of items to the customer.
03:13 So, in the Shipping Charge field, I will type Rs.200.
03:19 Click on the Update button at the bottom of the panel.
03:23 We can see the changes in the Subtotal and the Amount Total.
03:28 Scroll down.

Click on the Place Quotation button at the bottom of the window.

03:35 The success message shows that the quotation has now been placed.
03:40 Next, we need to place an order against this quotation.
03:46 So, click on the link Make Sales Order Against This Quotation.
03:52 A window opens for Sales Order Entry.
03:56 The item description details can be seen here.
04:00 Scroll down.

Click on the Place Order button at the bottom of the window.

04:06 The confirmation message says that we have successfully placed the order.
04:12 The next step is to make a delivery.
04:15 So, click on the link Make Delivery Against This Order.
04:21 A window named Deliver Items for a Sales Order opens.
04:27 It shows us the details of the items to be delivered.
04:32 Click on the Process Dispatch button at the bottom of the window.
04:37 We can see a confirmation message that confirms the entry for delivery.
04:43 Explore all the below options on your own.
04:47 Click on the Sales Tab.
04:50 Now, let us check the status of the Sales Entry which is made.
04:55 Under Inquiries and Reports panel, click on Sales Order Inquiry link.
05:01 We can see the details of this entry in the table given here.
05:06 Click on the Back link at the bottom of the window.
05:10 Next, let us learn about customer payment.
05:14 On the right side of the Transactions panel, click on the Customer Payments link.
05:20 The customer Amit has to pay Rs.53147.

Enter the amount in the Amount field.

05:31 In the Amount of Discount field, let us enter Rs.2000.
05:37 Click on the Amount field once again.
05:40 We can see the changes in the amount after the discount.
05:44 In the Memo field, enter a description.
05:47 I will type: “Amount received from Amit for sale of Dell laptop.”
05:53 Then click on Add payment button at the bottom of the window.
05:58 We can see the message “Customer payment has been successfully entered”.
06:04 Below this, we can see various links for various transactions.
06:09 Click on View this customer payment link to see the payment details.
06:15 Lastly, click on the Close link at the bottom of the window.
06:20 This brings us to the end of this tutorial.

Let us summarize.

06:26 In this tutorial, we have learnt to make:

Sales Quotation Entry

Sales Order Entry

06:33 Make Delivery and Sales Order Inquiry
06:38 As an assignment, create a new Sales Quotation Entry
06:42 Refer to the Assignment link of this tutorial for the details
06:47 The video at the following link summarises the Spoken Tutorial project.

Please download and watch it

06:55 The Spoken Tutorial Project Team conducts workshops and gives certificates.

For more details, please write to us.

07:05 Please post your timed queries in this forum.
07:09 The Spoken Tutorial Project is funded by MHRD Government of India.
07:15 The script and video has been contributed by Spoken Tutorial team.

This is Arvind pillai signing off. Thanks for joining.

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