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Drupal is a free and open source content management system (CMS) written in PHP and distributed under the GNU General Public License. Originally written by Dries Buytaert (who still continues to lead the Drupal project), Drupal turned open-source in 2001 and since then has blossomed into a powerful and friendly content organizer with the contribution of countless developers world-wide to the Drupal core itself as well as various add-on extensions to Drupal (in the form of modules, themes, language kits and documentation etc).

Thousands of websites worldwide rely on Drupal including the official website of White House, and our own Spoken Tutorials website.

Drupal allows novice web authors to quickly publish their website without any knowledge of writing code or designing pages, while still giving advanced developers an extensive API to hook into the Drupal core and enhance it to any desired objective. Drupal runs on any computing platform that supports both a web server capable of running PHP 4.4.0+ (including Apache, IIS, Lighttpd, and nginx) and a database (such as MySQL, PostgreSQL or SQLite) to store content and settings.

This set of tutorials will cover features and usage of Drupal version 7.x. Please see the associated text box of individual spoken tutorials on the website to decide the versions of Drupal and OS to which it is applicable.

The Spoken Tutorial Effort for Drupal is being contributed by Leena Mulye from IT for Change, Bangalore (India) [www.itforchange.net] and Rahul Singla from Imbibe Technologies (P) Ltd., Karnal (India) [www.rahulsingla.com]. Other contributors who helped in the creation of the scripts are ............

Drupal Slide Template                                                                                                                               Glossary

Core Drupal concepts

In this section, we would discuss nomenclature and common terms you would encounter while using Drupal. If you are a Drupal beginner, an understanding of these would be critical in ensuring success with your Drupal setup. You can skip it if you are already familiar with core Drupal concepts and move on to advanced topics below.

Basic Terms

This section explains Basic Drupal terminology, including terms like:

  • Node
  • Node type
  • Teaser
  • Module
  • Block
  • Theme
  • User
  • Role
  • Taxonomy

Basic Level

  1. Install Drupal
    • Installing Drupal on Computer
  1. Creating Basic Content
  2. Basic site configuration
  3. Creating a navigation for your site
  4. Installing contributed theme
  5. Adding a core module
  6. User permissions
  7. Adding a contributed module
  8. Configuring comments and contact form
  9. Using URL aliases for links
  10. Content Administration

Intermediate Level

  1. Categorizing Content
  2. Understanding Taxonomy I
  3. Understanding Taxonomy II
  4. User settings and management (Creating roles and permissions)
  5. Input Formats
  6. Adding user avatar to blog and comments
  7. Embedding rich media in your site
  8. User permissions
  9. Creating your content type (using cck)
  10. Working with blocks
  11. Logging and alerts
  12. RSS Publishing
  13. Building an Image gallery
  14. Multi-user blogging setup
  15. Creating community forum
  16. Taking the site off-line

Advanced Level

Understanding views

Using views as a block

Working with panels

Using mini panels

Customizing frontpage of the site

Using Calendar Module

Using Custom Slide Show for Site

Triggers and actions

Multi-lingual Drupal Sites

Site administration

Drupal maintenance

Backing up your installation=

Restoring on another machine=

Maintenance tips

Moving a localsite to web

Multi-lingual Drupal websites

Drupal development

Writing a Drupal module

Writing test cases for Drupal

Integrating your module with Views

Creating a Drupal theme

Drupal example usages

Creating your personal blog

Creating community forums

Building an Image gallery

Contributors and Content Editors

Minal, Nancyvarkey, PoojaMoolya, Priyacst