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Time Narration
00:01 Welcome to the Spoken-Tutorial on Registration of an account for online train booking.
00:07 My name is Kannan Moudgalya.
00:10 In this tutorial, We will learn how to register a new account in
00:18 We will learn about:
00:20 Entering user information Activating the account and
00:23 Changing the password.
00:26 Some tips on user information:
00:29 The name should be less than 10 characters long
00:32 It can have letters, numbers and underscore
00:36 The security question is useful if we forget the password
00:40 The account activation information is sent to email and mobile.
00:45 We will see how to do this in the browser.
00:49 I have already opened this website - .
00:54 Let me make the font bigger.
00:56 The first thing that we have to do before buying any ticket is to signup.
01:01 Let me press this – Signup
01:08 and we get to this page.
01:11 It wants Username.
01:14 Let me make this font slightly bigger.
01:19 kannan.mou
01:21 It doesn't accept beyond 10 characters.
01:24 It also says that maximum 10 characters.
01:28 Let me check the availability.
01:31 It says that The Login Name field accepts letters, numbers & underscore... but we have put a full-stop.
01:40 So, what I will do is-
01:42 I will come here and put a underscore(_) mou and then I will check whether this name is available.
01:52 I get the message that the User Name is Available.. Please go ahead with the Registration process..
01:58 I will make the font even bigger so that it is little easier to see.
02:08 Let us now enter other information.
02:11 Let us enter the Security Question.
02:15 This is useful to retrieve the password in case you forget it.
02:19 Let us choose What is your pets name?
02:22 Let me enter snowy.
02:27 My first name is Kannan.
02:31 My last name is Moudgalya.
02:37 Leave Gender as Male.
02:40 Marital Status is Married.
02:43 Let me choose the Date of birth as 20th December 1960.
02:55 Occupation as Government.
02:59 Email-ID- I will choose as; it says that "your password will be sent to this email id".
03:12 Let me enter the Mobile number – 8876543210.
03:26 Says that Mobile verification code will be sent to this mobile number.
03:32 Nationality, let me choose as "India".
03:36 Residential Address – I will write: 1, Main Road .
03:44 City, I choose as Agra.
03:48 State, I choose as Uttar Pradesh.
03:58 Pin/Zip let me write it as 123456.
04:05 Country I will choose India.
04:10 You have to enter this properly.
04:13 You may use this address to receive I tickets.
04:17 Let me write the phone number as 011.
04:23 I have written it as 12345678.
04:29 If I want to give separate office address,
04:32 I can do so by pressing No.
04:37 In this case, I will have to fill the details.
04:41 I don't want to enter these details.
04:43 I will press 'Yes' and close office address.
04:48 Let us go down.
04:50 It wants to know whether I want to receive more emails.
04:56 We make this slightly smaller.
04:59 So, I will say 'No'; I don't want to receive any emails.
05:06 I have to enter the verification code now – T37861W.
05:17 Let me submit.
05:21 Let me take the magnifying glass, we need it here.
05:27 It says that email id: joker
05:31 and mobile number- the one that I gave earlier, will be validated.
05:36 Press OK to continue or Cancel to update.
05:39 Let me say OK.
05:48 Then it says Please indicate your acceptance of the Terms and Conditions button at the bottom of the page....
05:57 So, let me scroll down.
06:00 Let me just make this smaller so you will see what it looks like.
06:07 Ok, if you want, you can actually see by clicking each of these.
06:13 Let us accept this.
06:17 Let me accept it.
06:20 Ok, I have resumed recording.
06:22 I actually paused it because sometimes irctc is slow.
06:27 It took sometime.
06:29 Then I get a message Thank you. You have been successfully Registered.
06:34 Let me make this bigger.Says that your user-id, password and activation link has been sent to your registered E-mail id
06:41 and mobile verification code has been sent to registered mobile number.
06:46 Please use the activation link and mobile verification code to activate your account.
06:54 I have just returned to the slide, let us learn about activating the account.
07:01 An email will be received from IRCTC.
07:05 Click the link given in the email.
07:08 Or, copy-paste the link in the browser.
07:11 This will open a web page.
07:14 Enter the code sent to the mobile.
07:17 This activates the account.
07:20 Let us do this on the web browser.
07:25 Alright..Let me do as it says.
07:28 First I will go to my email address.
07:32 I get the following mail.
07:34 My user-id is given here:
07:36 Kannan_mou .The password is given here
07:40 and then it says I have to click here to activate the account.
07:43 Let me click here.
07:48 It takes me back to the website.
07:51 Ok, I get this message.
07:58 So, let me enter the code that I received on my mobile number,
08:09 6 character string.
08:13 Let me submit this.
08:20 It says that for security reasons, I should change the password after login.
08:24 Now I am ready to book my ticket.
08:31 The first thing I will do is to Sign Out.
08:37 I was little slow in typing that it says that the session is expired.
08:43 This message keeps coming when you use "irctc" especially if you are slow in filling the information.
08:51 Doesn't matter.
08:53 You just have to login again and try.
08:55 Let me log in to my account again.
08:59 Let us now learn how to change the password.
09:03 Let's go to
09:06 Log into the activated account.
09:09 For this, use the password sent through email.
09:13 Go to user profile and the change password link.
09:19 Enter the old password.
09:21 Type the new password twice.
09:24 Let us do this in the web browser now.
09:29 And Username, I will type kannan _mou
09:36 Password,the password that was sent to my email address.
09:40 I am doing this 1st time,
09:42 kgm838.
09:46 Login here.
09:49 I will have to change the password. Recall the password sent through email has to be changed.
09:57 The way I will do that is to go to user profile,
10:01 Change Password.
10:10 Old password.
10:20 Ok, I submit it.
10:23 I now get the message
10:25 that the password has been changed.
10:27 So that's fine.
10:32 I have now returned to the slide.
10:35 The tips in using your account are:
10:37 Do not share your password with others.
10:41 When you buy a ticket, your email will receive the details.
10:45 Do not share your password of your email account also with others.
10:51 Change your passwords frequently.
10:55 In the next tutorial, we will discuss how to buy a ticket.
11:01 We now have some information on Spoken-Tutorial project.
11:04 Watch the video available at-
11:11 It summarizes the Spoken Tutorial project.
11:15 If you do not have good bandwidth, you can download and watch it.
11:20 The Spoken Tutorial Project team:
11:22 Conducts workshops using spoken tutorials.
11:25 Gives certificates to those who pass an online test.
11:28 For more details, please contact us.
11:31 The Spoken Tutorial Project is a part of the "Talk to a Teacher" project.
11:35 It is supported by the National Mission on Education through ICT, MHRD, Government of India.
11:41 More information on this mission is available at:
11:51 This brings us to the end of this tutorial.
11:54 This is Kannan Moudgalya, signing off. Thanks for joining. Goodbye.