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|You just have to login again
|You just have to login again
|let me login to my account again
|let me login to my account again

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Time Narration
00.01 Welcome to the spoken-tutorial on Registration of an account for online train booking.
00.07 My name is Kannan . Moudgalya.
00.11 In this tutorial,We will learn how to register a new account in irctc.co.in
00.19 We will learn about

Entering user information, Activating the account and Changing the password.

00.27 Some tips on user information

The name should be less than 10 characters long, It can have letters, numbers and underscore The security question is useful if we forget the password The account activation information is sent to email and mobile

00.46 We will see how to do this in the browser
00.49 I have already open this web side - irctc.co.in
00.55 Let me make the font bigger
00.57 The first thing we have to do before by buying any ticket is to signup
01.00 Let me press this – Signup and we get to this page
01.08 It wants username
01.14 Let me make this font size bigger – kannan.mou
01.22 It doesn't accepted be on 10 characters
01.23 It also says that maximum 10 characters
01.24 Let me check the availability
01.30 It says that the login name accepts letters, numbers & underscore but we have put a full stop
01.34 So what I will do is
01.35 I will come hear and put a underscore(_) mou and than I will check weather this name is available
01.45 I get the message that the user Name is Available.. Please go head with the Registration process..
01.55 I will make the font the bigger so that it is little easier to see
02.06 Let as now enter other information
02.12 Let as enter Security question
02.15 This is useful to retrieve the password in case u forget it
02.20 Let as choose “ What is your pets name? ”
02.23 Let me enter snowy
02.25 My first name is Kannan
02.31 My last name is Moudgalya
02.35 Leave gender as Male
02.40 Marital status is Married
02.42 Let me choose the date of birth as 20th December 1960
02.55 Occupation as Government
02.58 Email id I will choose as joker@iitb.ac.in it says as your password will be sent to this email id
03.11 Let me enter the mobile number – 8876543210 it says as Mobile verification code will be sent to this mobile number
03.32 Nationality we choose as India
03.36 Residential address – 1, Main Road
03.43 City a choose as Agra
03.49 State I will choose as Uttra Pradesh
03.55 Pin/Zip write it as 123456
04.03 Country I will choose India
04.11 You have to enter this properly
04.13 You may use this address to receive I ticket
04.16 Let me write the phone number as 01112345678
04.28 If I want to give office address
04.34 I can do so by processing No
04.38 In this case I will have to fill the details
04.42 I don't want enter this details
04.44 I press 'Yes' and close office address
04.48 Let as go down
04.50 Its want to now weather I receive your email
04.51 your make this slightly smaller
05.00 So I will say 'No' I don't want to receive any email's
05.05 I have to enter verification code now – T37861W
05.18 Let me submit
05.25 It says that email id: joker@iitb.ac.in
05.32 and mobile number: 8876543210
05.35 will be validated. Press OK continue or Cancel to update
05.41 Let me say OK
05.43 Than it say Please indicate your acceptance or the Terms and Conditions button at the bottom of the page.
05.57 Let me scroll down
06.00 Let me just make this smaller so you get what it looks like
06.05 So you can actually see by clicking each of these.
06.13 Let us accept this
06.16 Let me accept it.


06.20 I have resume the recording.
06.22 I actually paused it because sometimes irctc is little slow
06.27 It took sometime
06.30 Than I get a message thank you you have been successfully registered.
06.34 Let me make this bigger
06.35 Says that your user-id password and activation link has been send to your registered Email id
06.41 and mobile verification code has been send to registered mobile number.
06.46 Please use the activation link and mobile verification code to activate your account.
06.54 I just returned to the slide let us learn about activating the account
07.01 An email will be received from IRCTC
07.05 Click the link given in the email
07.08 Or, copy paste the link in the browser
07.11 This will open a web page
07.15 Enter the code send to the mobile
07.17 This activates the account.
07.21 Let us do this on the web browser
07.25 Let me do as it says
07.28 First I will go to my email address
07.33 I get the following mail
07.35 My user-id is given her
07.37 Kannan_mou
07.38 My password is given here
07.40 and then its as I have to click here to activate the account
07.45 Let me click here
07.46 It takes me back to the website
07.50 I get this message
07.54 So let me enter the id that I receive my mobile number
08.05 6character string
08.13 Let me submit this
08.16 It says that for security reasons I should change my password after login
08.26 Now I am ready to book my ticket
08.28 The 1st thing I will do is to sign out
08.36 I am little slow in typing that it says that the session is expired
08.42 This message keeps coming when you use irctc especially when your slow in filling the information
08.54 Doesn't matter
08.55 You just have to login again
08.57 let me login to my account again
08.59 Let us now learn how to change the password
09.03 Go to http://www.irctc.co.in
09.08 Log into the activated account
09.10 For this, use the password sent through email
09.14 Go to user profile and to change password link
09.17 Enter old password
09.21 Type the new password twice
09.25 Let us do this in the web browser now
09.28 Username I will type
09.35 password
09.36 that was send to my email address _mou
09.41 I am doing this for this 1st time
09.42 kgm838
09.45 Login here
09.49 I will have to change the password recall the password sent to the email has to be changed
09.57 The way I will do is to go through user profile
10.00 Change password
10.05 Old password
10.12 Ok i submitted
10.23 I now get the message
10.25 Password has been changed
10.27 Thats fine
10.28 I have now returned to the slide
10.35 Tips in using your account
10.37 Do not share your password with others
10.39 When you buy a ticket, your email will receive the details
10.43 Do not share your password of your email account also with others
10.51 Change your password frequently
10.54 In the next tutorial, we will discuss how to buy a ticket.
11.01 We now have some information on spoken-tutorial project
11.04 Watch the video available at http://spoken-tutorial.org /What\_is\_a\_Spoken\_Tutorial
11.11 It summarizes the Spoken Tutorial project
11.15 If you do not have good bandwidth, you can download and watch it
11.20 The Spoken Tutorial Project Team
11.22 Conducts workshops using spoken tutorials
11.25 Gives certificates to those who pass an online test
11.28 For more details, contact, sptut@gmail.com
11.34 Spoken Tutorial Project is a part of the Talk to a Teacher project
11.39 It is supported by the National Mission on Education through ICT, MHRD, Government of India
11.45 More information on this Mission is available at: http://spoken-tutorial.org\NMEICT-Intro
11.53 This brings us to the end of this tutorial
11.57 This is kannan moudgalya signing off thanks for joining. Goodbye