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Time' Narration
00:01 Welcome to the Spoken Tutorial on How to apply for a PAN card.

00:08 In this tutorial we will learn the process of-
00:12 Applying for a PAN Card
00:15 Documents for proof of identity
00:19 And Tracking the status of the application

00:23 The Pan card application form is called Form 49A.
00:29 This form can be downloaded from the link given below http://www.utiitsl.com/forms/Forms 49A.pdf
00:37 Once you have downloaded the form, take a print-out of the same.
00:44 Next step is to fill the form.
00:47 The form is to be filled legibly in BLOCK LETTERS in English only.
00:53 It is preferable to use a pen with black ink to fill the form.
00:59 In each box, fill only one character i.e (alphabet /number / punctuation sign).
01:08 A blank box must be left after each word.
01:13 'Individual' applicants need two recent colour photographs with a white background.

01:20 These photos have to pasted on the form in the spaces provided.
01:26 The size of the photo should be 3.5cm x 2.5cm
01:35 The photos should not be stapled or clipped to the form.
01:40 The photo on the left, should have a signature/thumb impression across it.
01:47 For the right side photo, the signature/thumb impression should be below it.
01:54 Thumb impressions should be attested by a Notary Public or an authorized officer with official seal and stamp.
02:04 Now, start filling the form.
02:06 First of all, fill the Assessing officer details.
02:11 Assessing officer details can be found on these webpages -

02:26 In the item 1 section, you have to fill in your personal details.
02:31 Here, select your title, like Shri, Smt etc.
02:38 Write your surname, first name and middle name, in full-form.
02:44 These are to be filled without any initials.
02:48 Your name should not be prefixed with any title like M/s, Dr., Kumari, etc

02:57 For Non-Individuals, what if the name is longer than the space provided?

03:03 In that case, it can be continued in the space provided for First and Middle Name.
03:10 In case of a Company, the name shouldn't contain any abbreviations.

03:16 E.g. 'Private Limited' should be written in full.
03:21 Variations like Pvt Ltd, Private Ltd, P, P. Ltd etc are not allowed.
03:31 In case of sole proprietorship, the PAN should be applied for in the proprietor's own name.
03:39 In item 2, Individual applicants can use abbreviation in their names.
03:46 This will be printed on the PAN card.
03:49 Note that the last name must be written in its full-form.
03:54 The next section asks for other names that one is or was known by.
04:02 It must be filled if the applicant selects "yes", following the instructions applicable for item 1.
04:10 Item 4, the Gender field, should be filled only by Individual applicants.

04:18 The item 5 section asks for date of birth.
04:23 The dates expected from different categories of applicants are specified in the form.

04:29 E.g. A Company should provide its Date-of-Incorporation.
04:35 Next, Individual applicants should fill in their father's name.

04:40 Instructions in item 1 with respect to name, apply here.
04:46 Note that married women should also give their father's and not husband's name.
04:53 Item 7 asks for your address.
04:57 Residential address should be filled only by Individuals, HUF, AOP, BOI or AJP.
05:07 Individuals should give Office Address here, if they have a source of income e.g business or profession.
05:16 In case of a Firm, LLP, Company, Local Authority or a Trust, complete office address is mandatory.
05:26 The address given by all the applicants should include these details -
05:32 i.e Town/City/District,
05:37 State/Union Territory, and

05:41 Foreign addresses must contain Country Name along with its ZIP Code.
05:47 For item 8, i.e. Address for Communication-
05:51 Individuals/HUFs/AOP/BOI/AJP may tick on either 'Residence' or 'Office' address.
06:01 Other applicants should write their 'Office' address

06:05 All communication will be sent to the address written here.
06:11 Telephone Number and Email ID details are to be filled in item 9.
06:16 Telephone details should include Country code (ISD code) and Area/STD code
06:25 E.g. Details of a Delhi telephone 23557505 number should be filled as
06:34 9 1 the Country code
06:36 * 1 1 the STD Code

06:39 The numbers and e-mail id are necessary to
06:43 contact applicants in case of any discrepancy in the application
06:49 send the PAN card via e-mail
06:52 SMS the status updates

06:56 In item 10, select the category status that is applicable.
07:02 In case of Limited Liability Partnership, the PAN will be given a Firm status.
07:09 Item 11 asks for the registration number of companies, issued by the Registrar of Companies.
07:18 Other applicants may mention registration number issued by State or Central Government Authority.
07: 27 Item 12 -
07:28 Citizens of India, must enter their AADHAAR number, if allotted.
07:34 It should be supported by a copy of the AADHAAR letter/card.
07:39 In item 13, applicants must indicate their source of income using a business/profession code
07:48 These codes are available on page 3 of the form.
07:52 E.g. Medical Profession and Business's code is 01
07:58 Engineering is 02

08:01 Item 14 asks for personal details of representative assessees.

08:08 Only those specified in Section 160 of the Income-tax Act, 1961 can act as representative assessees.
08:18 Some of them are-
08:20 an agent of the non-resident,
08:23 guardian or manager of a minor,lunatic or idiot, Court of Wards etc.
08:32 Representative assessees are mandatory for applicants who are minors, mentally retarded, deceased, idiot or a lunatic.
08:43 Personal details of the Representative Assessee have to be filled here.
08:49 Item 15, is about documents to be submitted for Pan Card application.
08:55 Attaching proof of identity and proof of address with a PAN application is mandatory.
09:04 These documents should be in the name of applicant.
09:09 Representative assessees must also attach these documents
09:15 List of documents that serve as proof of identity and address are given on page 4 of the Pan application form.

09:26 Applicants must furnish any one document from the options listed in the form.
09:33 E.g.-Proof of identity for Individual applicants and HUF are-
09:39 School leaving certificate
09:42 Ration Card
09:43 Driver's license etc.

09:46 Documents for proof of address are -
09:50 Electricity bill
09:52 Telephone Bill
09:53 Passport etc.

09:57 Now we will discuss some general information regarding the application-
10:03 The fee for processing PAN application is Rs.96.00 ( 85.00 + 12.36% service tax).
10:15 Payment can be made by-
  • Demand Draft
  • Cheque

10:20 For addresses outside India, the processing fee is Rs. 962.00
10:27 i.e[ (Application fee 85.00 + Dispatch Charges 771.00) + 12.36% service tax].
10:40 For foreign addresses, payment can be made only by way of Demand Draft payable at Mumbai.
10:48 The box at the end of the form, asks for the applicant's signature or thumb-print.
10:55 Representative Assessee's signature or thumb print should be given for minors, the deceased, lunatics and the mentally retarded.
11:06 Applications without signature or thumb-print will be rejected.
11:12 Applicants will receive an acknowledgement on acceptance of this form.

11:18 This will contain the Unique Identification number.

11:23 This number can be used for tracking the status of the application.
11:29 You can track its status using the Income-tax Department website or these

www.incometaxindia.gov.in OR these websites



11:38 On this website, the "Status Track " search will perform this task.

11:43 This search will need either your
11:45 # acknowledgement number, or
11:47 # details like name and date of birth

11:52 One can also get PAN status details via SMS.

11:57 >SMS- NSDLPAN<space>15-digit Acknowledgement No. and send to 57575
12:10 The postal addresses are as shown.

12:17 Hope this information was helpful.

12:20 Now let us summarize. In this tutorial, we have learnt -
12:28 Documents for proof of identity and
12:35 Watch the video available at the following link http://spoken-tutorial.org/What_is_a_Spoken_Tutorial

12:39 It summarizes the Spoken Tutorial project

12:43 If you do not have good bandwidth, you can download and watch it
12:49 The Spoken Tutorial Project Team

12:51 Conducts workshops using spoken tutorials
12:55 Gives certificates for those who pass an online test
13 :01 For more details, please write to contact@spoken-tutorial.org
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13:13 It is supported by the National Mission on Education through ICT, MHRD, Government

of India

13:21 More information on this Mission is available at http://spoken-tutorial.org/NMEICT-Intro
13:31 We have come to the end of this tutorial.

13:35 This is Arthi signing off from IIT Bombay

Thanks for joining

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