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Time' Narration

00:02 Many of you are familiar with this scene in your village- a group of children playing in an open area.
00:11 Watch this boy, who is chasing the ball.

00:13 He enters the nearby bushy area.
00:16 He spots a snake.

00:18 In no time, it crawls out of its hide out.
00:22 The scared boy tries to shoo away the snake by throwing a stone.
00:27 The snake does not crawl away.

00:30 Instead it turns towards the boy and bites him on the foot.
00:34 The boy screams for help.

00:36 His friends runs to his side to help.
00:40 They see two red spots on the foot.

00:43 They carry the boy out of the bush.
00:46 There is a commotion.

00:48 All the children give different opinions about first aid.
00:53 Here comes the importance of knowing the first aid in case of a snake bite.
00:58 Welcome to spoken tutorial on First Aid on Snake Bites.
01:03 In this tutorial we will see
01:05 * How important is first aid. And
01:08 * How to give the correct first aid in case of a snake bite.

01:12 Before moving on to the first aid instructions,

01:16 we will review what the group of boys did to save their friend.
01:20 They made the boy lie down.

01:23 And then they sought the help of elders to shift him to the hospital.

01:29 Then they tied a cloth around the wound.
01:33 Was it the right first aid?
01:36 Yes! In a way it is correct.

01:40 In this case, the hospital was not far away.

01:43 So the boy got the medical aid in time.
01:47 The correct way to give first aid in case of a snake bite is -
01:52 Make the person lie down on a flat surface.
01:56 Roll a cloth on the affected area.

02:00 The primary purpose of this first aid is to stop the poison from circulating throughout the body.
02:08 And how should we roll the cloth around the wound?
02:11 Start rolling from the upper portion of the leg and move downwards.
02:16 Shift the person quickly to the nearest hospital for further treatment.
02:21 In this way, first aid given in time prevents many damages.
02:27 Remember, wrong first aid can make one’s condition worse.
02:32 Do’s in case of a snake bite.
02:35 - First lay the victim down
02:38 - When you roll the cloth apply some pressure

02:42 And the Don’ts in case of a snake bite
02:45 - Do Not Cut the skin or the flesh around the bite.
02:50 - Do Not Put ice on or around the bite
02:53 - Do Not Shock the person with electricity
02:57 - Do Not Try to suck the blood or the venom out of the bite and
03:03 - Do Not Tie the cloth too tight. This could lead to gangrene.
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