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Script : Item Submission in DSpace

Author : Pankaj Patil

Keywords : Item Submission, Item Upload, Dublin Core metadata, Submitter, Submission Status


Visual Cue Narration
Slide: Title Welcome to this spoken tutorial on Item Submission in DSpace.
Slide: Learning Objectives In this tutorial, we will learn to
  • Submit an Item in the Collection and
  • Check the Item submission status
Slide: System requirements This tutorial is recorded using
  • Ubuntu Linux OS 18.04
  • DSpace version 6.3 and
  • Firefox web browser

However you may use any other web browser of your choice.

Slide: Pre-requisites To practice this tutorial, you should have
  • A working internet connection
  • Installed DSpace 6.3 on your system
  • Tomcat service should be running
Slide: Pre-requisites
  • Created a Collection in the Community
  • Have Submitter’s authority in the Collection
  • If not then please go through the prerequisite tutorials on this website.
Slide: Pre-requisites To follow this tutorial, you should also have
  • The knowledge of Library Science and
  • A familiarity with Dublin Core metadata standard
Slide: Prerequisites
  • This tutorial assumes that you have done the immediate previous tutorial assignment in this series.
  • If not, pls do so before proceeding ahead.
Slide : Code files
  • The Article and the metadata used in this tutorial is available in the Code Files link on this tutorial page.
  • Please download and extract the files before practicing.
Slide:Item in DSpace
  • An Item is a bundle of digital files such as Article/Book/Report, etc. and the respective metadata
  • By default, DSpace is configured for Dublin Core metadata standard
Slide:Item in DSpace
  • Files uploaded as a part of Item are also known as Bitstreams
  • Items are hierarchically located below the Collection
Show the file of HPC-Article.pdf and HPC-Article-metadata.txt In this tutorial demonstration, I will submit a PDF file of an Article along with its metadata.

So, collectively an Article and its metadata constitutes an Item in DSpace terminology.

Now, let us proceed to submit an Item in the Collection using Submitter’s authority.

Open Web Browser

Address Bar >> localhost:8080

Open a web browser and go to the DSpace interface.
Log in to DSpace with Submitter role

Email ID: dspace.u5@gmail.com Password : u5pass

Log in to DSpace with the Submitter's account.

We had already created this account earlier in this series.

I will login with my Submitter’s account.

Only narration We are now in the Submitter’s My DSpace page.
Click on Start New Submission button Click on the Start New Submission button in the My DSpace section.
Click on Collection drop down Next, click on the drop-down arrow adjacent to the Collection field.

A list of Collections will be displayed.

Point to IITB Digital Library > Electrical Engineering > Articles These Collections appear with the respective hierarchical Community and Sub-community.
Select IITB Digital Library > Electrical Engineering > Articles Now select Articles from the Collection list, which appears as

IITB Digital Library > Electrical Engineering > Articles.

Click on the Next button Then click on the Next button below the Collection field to proceed further.
Point to Submit: Describe this Item The Item Submission form opens up.
Highlight the Describe In this form, under the Describe tab we will fill the metadata of the Item.
Point to the asterisk symbol Please note that all fields marked with an asterisk symbol are mandatory.

You can leave the other fields blank, if you do not have those data.

Fill fields of Authors, Title, Date of issue, Publisher, Citation

Authors : Jiji, C.V. Chaudhuri, S.
Title : Single-Fame Image Super-resolution
through Contourlet Learning
Date of Issue : 2006
Publisher : Hindawi Publishing Corporation
Citation : Jiji & Chaudhuri (2006)

Based on my metadata file, I will fill the following fields:



Date of issue

Publisher and


Point to “+ Add more” button If an Item has multiple values for a field, you can add it by clicking the Add more button.

For example. If we have more than one Author for an Item, click on Add more button to add other author names.

Point to Identifiers As an Identifier, any standardized code can be used.
Point to different Identifiers DSpace provides identifier options like ISSN, ISBN, ISMN, URI, Govt’s Doc No, and Others.
Choose Identifier type and enter Identifier number

Identifiers : URI : 10.1155/ASP/2006/73767

Choose the appropriate option from the drop-down list in the Identifiers field.

Then type the unique Identifier number, available for the file to be uploaded.

Point to URI and DOI I have selected URI and entered the DOI (i.e. Digital Object Identifier) of the article.
Select Type as Article Select Type of the Item from the drop-down list.

I am going to select Article.

Point to Type Items may have multiple digital files of different types.

For Items with multiple digital files, we can select multiple Types.

To do so, you may have to hold down the CTRL or Shift key on your keyboard.

Point to Language Select the language of the file to be uploaded for the Item.
Select English As my Article is in English, I am selecting English.
Click on Next button Then click on the Next button at the bottom right corner.
Enter Keywords and Abstract

Keywords : Training Image, Information Technology, image processing

In the second page, I will fill the keywords and the Abstract as shown here.
Point to Sponsors and Description Leave the rest of the fields as blank.
Click on Next button Click on the Next button at the bottom right corner.
Point to Submit : Upload a file section The next section is Upload a file section.
Click on the Select a file or Drag & drop files… Click on the Select a file or Drag & drop files… link to upload the files.
Point to File Upload pop-up window A pop-up window named File Upload opens.
Browse to the directory

Select the file HPC-Article.pdf

Browse to the directory where the file is, on your computer and upload the file.
Narration The upload may take some time depending on the size of the file.
Point to Files To Upload table The Files To Upload table shows the uploaded files.
Point to the green tick mark On successful file upload, a green tick mark symbol appears next to the filename.
Point to the Description text box Type any description text for the uploaded file in the Description field.

I am leaving this as blank for now.

Point to Select a file or Drag & drop files… If you want to upload multiple files, then repeat the same steps as shown above.
Click on Next button Now, click on the Next button at the bottom right corner.
Point to Submit: File Uploaded Successfully Submit: File Uploaded Successfully section shows the details of the uploaded files.

In this section, we can cross-verify the uploaded files.

Point to Remove button Wrongly uploaded files can be removed by clicking on the Remove button adjacent to the filename.
Point to Add another file button We can add files for an Item by clicking on the Add another file button below the table.

And then repeat the File Upload steps.

Click on Next button Once the uploaded file is cross-verified, click on the Next button at the bottom right corner.
Point to Submit : Verify Submission The next page, Submit: Verify Submission displays the metadata which we have entered so far.

At this stage we have entered Dublin Core metadata and uploaded a file for an item.

Check carefully for any mistakes in the entry and correct them, if any.

Point to Title of Item I noticed that I have made a spelling mistake in the Title.
Click Correct one of these button To correct the Title, click on the corresponding Correct one of these buttons.
Point to Describe section The Describe section of Item Submission form, opens up.
Correct the Title

Title : Single-Frame Image Super-resolution through Contourlet Learning

Locate the spelling mistake and correct it.
Click on the Next button Then click on the Next button at the bottom right corner.
Point to Submit : Verify Submission Click on the Next button repeatedly until you reach Submit: Verify Submission page.
Point to Title Observe that Title is now updated.
Click on Next button Once you ensure that everything is correct, click on the Next button at the bottom right corner.
Point to DSpace Distribution License In the DSpace Distribution License page, read the distribution license.
Click I Grant the License button If you agree with the terms in the license, then click I Grant the License button at the bottom.
Point to Submit : Submission Complete Now, our item is successfully submitted.
Narration only Next, let us proceed to check the status of the submitted Item.
Click on Go to My DSpace To do so, locate the link Go to My DSpace and click on it.
Show My Dspace page We will be redirected to the My DSpace page.
Point to Title of Item in Submissions In Workflow Process section We can see that the submitted Item is in the Workflow Process.

That is, the submitted Item is in the task pool of the Reviewer.

Narration Only Let’s now learn how the Reviewer gets notified.
Narration only A notification email is sent to all authorized Reviewers of the respective Collection.

Let us proceed to cross-verify the email sent to the Reviewer.

Log into reviewer’s email account

Email: dspace.u4@gmail.com Password: **********

Log in to your Reviewer’s email account.

Mine is dspace.u4@gmail.com

Point to mail

DSpace: You have a new task

Here is the email with the subject DSpace: You have a new task.
Narration Only If the email is not seen in the Inbox, then it could be in your SPAM folder.

Otherwise recheck your internet connection.

Open a mail Let us open the email.
Point to Title, Collection, Submitted By It shows details of the submitted Item like Title, Collection, Submitted By.
Point to URL in the mail The Reviewer can view a new Task, using the URL provided in the email.
Narration only So now, we have verified the notification email sent to the Reviewer.
Switch back to DSpace Switch back to DSpace.
Logout from DSpace Let us logout this user from the DSpace interface.
Narration only This brings us to the end of this tutorial.

Let us summarize.

Slide: Summary In this tutorial we learnt to
  • Submit an Item in the Collection and
  • Check the Item submission status
Slide: Assignment As an assignment,
  • Submit an Item in the Article Collection of Electrical Engineering Sub-community
Slide: Assignment
  • For uploading an Item, use the following Article and metadata file from the Code Files.
    • JLPEA-Article.pdf
    • JLPEA-Article-metadata.txt
Slide : About Spoken Tutorial project The video at the following link summarises the Spoken Tutorial project.

Please download and watch it.

Slide : Spoken Tutorial workshops The Spoken Tutorial Project team conducts workshops and gives certificates.

For more details, please write to us.

Slide: Forums Please post your timed queries in this Forum.
Slide: Acknowledgement -I Spoken Tutorial project is funded by MHRD, Government of India.
Slide: Acknowledgement -II DSpace spoken tutorial series is funded by the National Virtual Library of India, Ministry of Culture, Government of India.
Narration only This script and video for this tutorial was contributed by Pankaj Patil from IIT Bombay.

And this is Nancy Varkey signing off. Thanks for joining.

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