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The Spoken Tutorials for CSS - Cascading Style Sheets are being contributed by DesiCrew Solutions, Chennai. DesiCrew Solutions Pvt. Ltd is a rural BPO company, incubated by RTBI of IIT- Madras. For more information please visit http://desicrew.in/

Basic Level

  1. Introduction to CSS 2.0    
    • What is CSS
    • How does CSS work
    • What can we do with CSS
  2. CSS syntax and inline style    
    • Description of CSS syntax
    • Inline Style
    • Styling Headings
  3. Our First Style Sheet    
    • Why and how we should use external stylesheets
    • The importance of the DOCTYPE declaration
    • How to add comments to CSS
    • Adding background color and images and aligning text
  4. Working with Text properties
    • Units used in CSS
    • Letter-spacing
    • Line-height
    • Text-decoration
    • Text-indent
  5. Text transformation, alignment and fonts
    • Text-transform
    • Vertical-align
    • White-space
    • Word-spacing
    • The span element
    • Font-style
    • Font-variant
    • Font-weight
    • Font-size
    • Font-family
  6. Box model properties
    • What is the box model?
    • What are the properties of boxes in CSS?
    • How do we change box properties?
  7. Box model dimensions
    • How to outline elements
    • How to adjust margins
    • How to set the dimension size of elements
    • How to use div tags to contain elements within the body
  8. Applying styles to tables and lists
    • How to use border-collapse and border-spacing to control the appearance of table borders
    • How to set the empty-cells parameter to hide or display borders around empty cells
    • How to control cell width using table-layout
    • How to set the caption location using caption-side
  9. List styles
    • How to use CSS to control list markers
    • How to use CSS to set styles in multi-level lists
  10. Positioning and visibility
    • How to set the position property of an element
    • How to change the top, bottom, left, and right position values
    • How to set the clip value of an image
    • How to use the overflow property
  11. Positioning and layout
    • How to use the z-index to set layers on a page
    • How to float and clear to control page layout
    • How to use the display and visibility properties of an element to alter the way images and other elements appear
  12. Applying styles selectively
    • How to use inheritance
    • How to use ID as a selector
    • How to use nesting
    • How to use grouping
  13. Using classes and containers
    • How to use classes to refine how styles are applied
    • How to use span and div to apply styles to elements within classes
    • How to use classes, span, and div to create a highlighted menu
  14. Pseudo classes and pseudo elements
    • What pseudo classes and pseudo elements are
    • How to use anchor pseudo classes
    • How to combine pseudo classes with CSS classes
    • How to use first-line and first-letter pseudo elements
  15. Working with paged media
    • How to use CSS to format a web page for printing by setting page breaks
    • How to use page breaks to prevent widows and orphans
  16. Time saver tools
    • How to use web-based tools to help us generate CSS style sheets
    • How to use web-based tools to help us generate CSS style sheets
  17. Image gallery and image opacity
    • How to use CSS to create an image gallery
    • How to use CSS to create an image gallery

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