Basics of Computers

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  1. Getting to know computers
    • The various components of a computer.
    • To connect the various components of computer.
  2. Printer Connection
    • How to connect a printer to a computer.
    • Configuring the settings.
    • Test print.
    • Printing a pdf document.
  3. Introduction to Gmail
    • Create a new google account
    • Login to gmail using the google account
    • Write an email
    • Send an email
    • View an email and logout of gmail.
    • We will also learn about some of the important mailboxes like Inbox.
  4. Compose Options for Email
    • The email recipients, namely, To, Cc, Bcc.
    • Format the email text
    • Attach files to emails
    • Share files via Google Drive
    • Insert a photo or link into an email and about the Compose window options.
  5. Google Drive Option
    • Creating a document, a spreadsheet and a presentation
    • Uploading files & folders
    • And Sharing options
    • Can View
    • Can Comment
    • Can Edit

Additional tutorials

  1. How to use Aakash Tablet
    • What is Aakash Tablet.
    • Brief history
    • Hardware specifications of Aakash Tablet.
    • Optional accessories that can be connected to Aakash
    • Aakash device interface (Home-screen)
    • Most used icons on Aakash
    • Apps on Aakash
    • Aakash Programming Lab (APL)
    • Aakash Applications : ProxyMITY, Clicker, Robot and ProxyMITY WiFi
  2. How to use FOSSEE Netbook
    • The desktop of the FOSSEE Netbook
    • Some of the programs that it comes with
    • How to update its operating system with newer releases

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