Advance C

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Advance C

Advanced C is for the programmer who has some experience writing applications in C or a similar language. This includes allocating large data objects which at compile time, is seldom practical, especially if the data objects are used frequently and for a short time. Instead, you usually allocate these data objects at runtime. C compiler produces the object module, preprocesses the input file, allocates internal storage for various data-types, creates memory data-structures, standard file I/O library etc.


  1. Command Line arguments in C
    • main function with arguments with an example
    • argc
    • argv
    • Header files
  2. Typedef and Union in C
    • typedef keyword
    • union keyword
    • Syntax and use of typedef and union
    • Difference between union and structure
    • ex:Check whether number is a pallindrome
    • Calculate total marks of student
  3. Storage class specifiers
    • storage class specifiers
    • auto keyword
    • static keyword
    • extern keyword
    • register keyword

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